Labsphere and Pro-Lite donate LED photometer to PC (UK)

Dec. 7, 2005
A Labsphere SLMS LED 1050 photometer has been donated to the Lighting Laboratory of a UK photonics organization.
Labsphere, Inc., in partnership with its UK distributor, Pro-Lite Technology, has donated a Labsphere SLMS LED 1050 integrating sphere photometer to the UK Photonics Cluster (Birmingham, UK). The two firms are sharing the cost of the donated equipment.
Robert Yeo & Mark Taylforth

The Labsphere photometer greatly expands the capabilities of the Cluster’s Lighting Laboratory, allowing the quick and accurate measurement of the power and color performance of high brightness LEDs and small LED clusters.

The Photonics Cluster (UK) is a UK government-funded, not-for-profit organization whose aim is to foster innovation in, and provide support to the UK photonics industry. The Cluster’s Lighting Laboratory offers small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) access to expert technical advice and the latest optical test & measurement equipment on a contract basis, thus allowing manufacturers to bring innovative photonics products to market more quickly and with reduced capital investment.

The Labsphere SLMS LED 1050 photometer is a 25cm integrating sphere with CDS-500 CCD spectroradiometer detector. It provides LED users and optical system integrators with an accurate and affordable solution for testing the performance of any LED and LED-based lighting product.

The SLMS LED measures total spectral radiant and luminous flux (watts & lumens), as well as the full gamut of colorimetric and spectral properties, including correlated colour temperature, dominant wavelength, colour rendering index and CIE chromaticity coordinates.

"Many start-up firms cannot afford the capital investment necessary for accurate photometric test equipment," said Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo. "The Cluster’s Lighting Laboratory offers an affordable alternative, with the added benefit of providing access to highly trained personnel who can assist with performing meaningful and accurate measurements."

Mark Taylforth, who runs the Cluster’s Lighting Laboratory added: “With the addition of the Labsphere photometer, the Photonics Cluster is now able to offer the full gamut of light source and LED measurements, including total power, intensity, radiance and luminance, colour properties and spatial colour and luminance distributions.

"This capability gives designers and producers of LED-based products and solid state lighting a responsive, one-stop solution for all of their contract measurement needs."

Pro-Lite’s collaboration with the Photonics Cluster (UK) includes support for their Radiant Imaging ProMetric™ CCD Imaging Photometric Colorimeter which simplifies 2D luminance measurements of displays and LED clusters. Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo also developed and presents the Cluster’s “Introduction to Photometry & Colorimetry” training course which provides engineers and scientists with a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of light source measurements.