LEDs Magazine July/August 2010 issue (MAGAZINE)

Aug. 20, 2010
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Accent and cove lighting in the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas has utilized AC-LED lamps from Lynk Labs, which are a simple retrofit for the 12 VAC infrastructure.

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Debate continues over the impact of light at night on human health
Over the course of the past year, the debate over artificial light at night and its impact on circadian rhythms and human health has intensified.

CELMA and ELC joint forum represents views of European lighting industry
Improvements in goniophotometer engineering can increase the throughput of solid-state lighting test laboratories without compromising the accuracy of measurements, writes JENNIFER LEWIN.

LED MANUFACTURINGTighter collaboration is essential for driving the high-brightness LED industry roadmapThe lack of standards in LED manufacturing makes it difficult for LED makers to change their process flows, while equipment suppliers are required to supply highly-customized tools, says THORSTEN MATTHIAS.
SHOW REPORT: LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONALLightfair shows latest in LEDsWere one to have walked into the Lightfair International (LFI) exhibit hall on May 12 with no prior knowledge about the event, the impression would have clearly been that the show was focused on LEDs. Indeed the event featured the latest LED technology ranging from LED chips to the latest in LED-based luminaires.
DRIVERSWell-designed LED drivers are no longer the weak linkWhen correctly designed, LED drivers deliver strength and value to the entire LED lighting ecosystem, as ARYE SCHREIBER and JOHN DALY explain.
TEST+MEASUREMENT: LUMINAIRE TESTINGAccurate third-party testing improves consumer confidence in Energy Star programImprovements in goniophotometer engineering can increase the throughput of solid-state lighting test laboratories without compromising the accuracy of measurements, writes JENNIFER LEWIN.

Search continues for replacement for Color Rendering Index
Color-rendering index (CRI) is widely used as a standard for assessing the color quality of white-light sources. However, due to various shortcomings with this 40-year-old metric, particularly with regard to white LEDs, various alternatives are being discussed and promoted.

LIGHTING CONTROLSAdaptive controls add to LED efficiencyLEDs may offer a path to more efficient lighting in many different applications, and adaptive control technology significantly stretches the efficiency gain, says MAURY WRIGHT.
ASSEMBLY + INTERCONNECTSSMT assembly process requirements dictate choice of interconnects for LED-based PCBsAssembling LED-based PCBs for solid-state lighting applications requires careful choice of interconnect technology so that the products are compatible with automated SMT processes, explains LUKAS MUTH.
DESIGN FORUMActive PFC driver design enables dimmable retrofit lampsDesigners of LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) retrofit lamps face thermal and power challenges as well as the need to work with legacy dimmers, but new driver topologies enable reliable designs says PIERO BIANCO of Maxim.
LAST WORDDon’t put all your eggs in one basket: LEDs not all they're cracked up to be?Although LED lighting is proving to be useful in many applications, RON DAVIS, a marketing consultant with Vu1 Corporation, believes the industry should continue to consider other lighting options.

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European and global efforts promote SSL


  • LED light for World Cup arenas
  • Cree and Philips sign LED licensing agreement
  • TMG suppliers increase capacity to serve LED market
  • DOE recommends new approach to LED luminaire lifetime ratings
  • EPA clarifies Energy Star SSL test accreditation requirements
  • Osram improves red, green LED performance


  • GE retrofit LED lamp wins UK Energy Saving Trust approval
  • EC to support LED lighting demonstrations
  • Gateway projects continue LED evaluation