NGL Outdoor Competition 2013 (MAGAZINE)

June 5, 2014
At February's Strategies in Light 2014 in Santa Clara, California, the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced 26 commercial LED outdoor lighting products recognized for excellence by the Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Design Competition.

At February's Strategies in Light 2014 in Santa Clara, California, the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced 26 commercial LED outdoor lighting products recognized for excellence by the Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Design Competition. Jointly sponsored by the DOE, the Illuminating Engineering Society of America (IESNA), and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), the 2013 outdoor competition saw 102 total products submitted, with 68 products making it to the final evaluation. The judges awarded six submissions as “Best in Class” and 20 others as “Recognized” winners.


Best in Class

A panel of six judges evaluated the NGL entries over three days in December, reviewing independent testing documentation, photometric files, LED data sheets, and driver specifications. The judges also examined each luminaire installed in an outdoor environment closely matching the intended product application.

CPY250by Cree

With a low-profile design, the CPY250 luminaire can mount to virtually any canopy/soffit and can be used for both upgrades and new construction installations. It is available with a flat or prismatic drop lens. A frosted diffuser provides glare control for the 12,400 lm produced at 122W (101.6 lm/W). CCT is 4000K and CRI is 70.

Finia by Juno Lighting Group

Designed for area and security lighting, the Finia LED architectural luminaire is equipped to handle mounting heights up to 25 ft for building and perimeter applications. It has luminous efficacy of 88.8 lm/W with output of 11,960 lm at 134.7W, CCT of 4027K, and CRI of 75.

McGraw-Edison Top Tier by Eaton’s Cooper Lighting

For parking and area lighting, the TopTier luminaire uses Cooper Lighting’s WaveStream optical technology to block the LED sources from the observer's line of sight, while directing the maximum amount of light onto the target area. TopTier produces 3733K light with a CRI of 80, outputting 4377 lm at 45.42W (96.4 lm/W) with glare control and even light distribution.

PL2 Series bollardby Juno Lighting Group

The PL2 Series LED bollard employs specialty optics to produce a star-shaped pattern of 4077K CCT light, while the design minimizes glare for pedestrians. The bollard light outputs 2580 lm at 49.6W (52.0 lm/W) and has a CRI of 86. It is available with options such as a concealed motion sensor, emergency lighting, and custom lengths and colors.

LP Icon LED by Louis Poulsen Lighting

The LP Icon LED fixture was admired for its aesthetics, as well as for its mostly direct downward illumination for pedestrian walkway lighting. The opal version uses a shade to create a soft, diffused upward light, while the shade of the basic version is opaque. Characteristics of the downward lighting will be affected by reflector selection. The fixture outputs 2289 lm at 45W (50.9 lm/W) and has a CRI of 80 and 3000K CCT.

NXT-S by LED Roadway Lighting

Serviceability was notable with the modular NXT-S roadway luminaire enabling users to upgrade or replace LED light engines and power supplies without tools, as well as allowing them to customize the optical distribution pattern. Suited for local residential roadway applications, the luminaire achieves 90.4-lm/W efficacy with light output of 7990 lm at 80W, featuring 3764K CCT and CRI of 73.


EcoSpec Floodlight Bullet by EcoSense Lighting

The indoor/outdoor EcoSpec Floodlight Bullet for façade and accent lighting applications has 150° vertical aiming and a Gore-Tex vent for moisture protection. Field-changeable snoots and spread lenses enable users to change distributions. Output is 1615 lm at 27W (59.8 lm/W) with 2700K CCT and 83 CRI.

AreaMax by Evluma

For local residential roadway lighting, the AreaMax LED luminaire is supported by 20-kV surge protection and eliminates photo-control maintenance with a failsafe mode. Lens configurations include a dark-sky-friendly full cutoff lens. Multiple color temperatures are also available, with 4690K listed. Output is 3268 lm at 39.2W (83.4 lm/W) and CRI is 71.

Galleon LED by Eaton's Cooper Lighting

The scalable, low-profile Galleon LED parking and area luminaire is IP-66 rated for wet locations. The patented AccuLED Optics system enables 15,359-lm output at 142W (108.2 lm/W), providing 3873K light with a CRI of 73.

A200H by Horner Lighting Group

Suited for high-mast lighting, the A200H area light combines red and blue LEDs behind a phosphor plate. It has optional wireless control, can be connected to motion or light sensors, and enables dimming and temperature monitoring. Output is 17,118 lm at 210W (81.5 lm/W) and features 5000K CCT and 78 CRI.

The Gatsby by Eureka Lighting

Designed to handle both indoor and outdoor environments, the decorative Gatsby luminaire withstands the elements (and human interaction) with a tough, graffiti-resistant diffuser, silicon gaskets, and sturdy die-cast housing. Its vintage styling doesn’t mask the modern LED light source performance, with 2429-lm output at 31.3W (77.6 lm/W), 3868K CCT, and 81 CRI.

Laredo LNC2by Hubbell Outdoor Lighting

The 2246-lm, 28.4W Laredo LED LNC2 wallpack enables lighting specifiers to use fewer fixtures as a result of its spacing-to-mounting height ratio of up to 5:1. With single or double drivers, the wallpack supports various perimeter lighting applications. The luminaire achieves 79.1 lm/W efficacy and delivers CCT of 4020K at CRI of 76.

TLS-RTLM LED by Toshiba

Toshiba’s TLS-RTLM LED roadway luminaire uses an integrated photocell sensor system for automatic dimming. Offered with short and medium decks, the TLS-RTLM is available in IES Type II, III, IV, and V distributions. Output is 14,400 lm at 155W (92.9 lm/W), CCT is 4000K, and CRI is 75.

Ampera Maxi and Midi by Schréder Lighting LLC

The Ampera Maxi was recognized for major roadway lighting, while the Midi was notable among collector roadway entries. Maxi outputs 26,624 lm at 283.1W for efficacy of 94 lm/W, has a CCT of 4351K and CRI of 75, while Midi outputs 13,225 lm at 141.5W for efficacy of 93.5 lm/W, and has a CCT of 4213K and CRI of 73.

Fraqtir S171 Outdoor by The Lighting Quotient

The fraqtir S171 linear outdoor symmetric luminaire uses patented fraqtir optics to deliver a uniform, scallop- and striation-free wash of light. Adjustable, lockable aiming enables façade and accent lighting. An elliptipar housing protects universal voltage drivers from water ingress. Output is 4729 lm at 96.5W (49 lm/W) with 3091K CCT and 86 CRI.

LED Cobrahead by Evolucia

The CBH 200 Series high-output LED roadway luminaire takes advantage of the company’s patented Aimed Optics technology, using LED point sources for various roadway applications. The luminaire directs 4000K-CCT light to the target area with the fewest number of LEDs, achieving efficacy of 70.0 lm/W (12,660-lm output at 180.8W) and a CRI of 81.

Vaya Linear LP by Philips

Suited for exterior cove lighting and low-level grazing applications, the Vaya Linear LP is equipped with wide 120° beam or elliptical 28° optics, and its direct line voltage and connecting cabling simplify installation. The thin form factor is optimal for space-restricted locations. The linear luminaire offers 1234 lm at 16.8W (73.5 lm/W) with 4700K CCT and 82.6 CRI.

TunnelPass LED by Acuity Brands – Holophane

Recommended for tunnels and underpasses, the TunnelPass LED fixture features tool-less access and is adaptable to unistrut installations. The luminaire can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, achieves output of 30,180 lm with input of 365.1W (82.7 lm/W), and has 4011K CCT and 72 CRI.

Slim18N by RAB Lighting Inc.

The 5-year-warrantied Slim18N LED wallpack features flexibility as an uplight or downlight for perimeter lighting, and is available in 12W, 18W, and 26W models. Output is 1470 lm at 20.5W (71.7 lm/W), CCT is 3940K, and CRI is 85.

LED NightWatchManby Evolucia

The 83.1W LED NightWatchMan can be mounted up to 30 ft high for parking and area lighting. The luminaire provides a wide distribution of 4156K-CCT light at 6928 lm (efficacy 83.4 lm/W) with a CRI of 82.

MSL Series by Juno Lighting Group

The compact MSL2 luminaire is a security light for commercial perimeter lighting. The ADA-compliant light is available with an optional daylight sensor for more energy efficiency, and can be installed at heights up to 10 ft. It outputs 663 lm at 10.9W (61 lm/W) and features CCT of 3373K and CRI of 83.

V-Rail 1.5 by Intense Lighting

The stainless-steel V-Rail IVR15, a 1.5-in. outside diameter solid-state handrail/guardrail lighting system, illuminates stairways, ramps, and walkways. Options include integral or remote drivers, symmetrical or asymmetrical optics, and seamless or modular configurations. Its 738 lm at 21W achieve 35.1-lm/W efficacy, delivering light with CCT of 3274K and CRI of 84.

MTR LED Column and MTR Square LED Column by Selux Corporation

For bollard pathway lighting, the MTR and MTR Square LED Columns are constructed from die-cast, low-copper aluminum and employ a Tiger Drylac certified polyester powder-coat finish. LED lamps from 60W to 120W with MTR refractor rings reduce glare, enhance visual comfort, and direct light to the task plane. MTR features 8882-lm output at 119.2W (74.6 lm/W), 4030K CCT, and 84 CRI; MTR Square has 7735-lm output at 120.6W (64.1 lm/W), 4074K CCT, and 87 CRI.

CP80 Remote Phosphor Canopy by Horner Lighting Group

Horner Lighting Group offers its own wired and wireless approaches to controlling the CP80 fixture designed for canopy application, but it also can be dimmed using triac, 0–10V, or pulse-width modulation (PWM) control devices. Silicone remote-phosphor modules create a light pattern that matches traditional under-canopy lights, producing 6493 lm of 5258K-CCT light at 80W (81.2 lm/W).