Cyberlux awarded government contract for LED lighting

March 28, 2006
Cyberlux has received a GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract for energy-saving LED lighting products.
Solid-state lighting manufacturer Cyberlux Corporation has been awarded a US government contract for LED-based energy-saving lighting products through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule.

The contract allows Cyberlux to sell its LED-based Aeon task and accent lighting products as a primary contractor to any US Government purchasing organization. The Aeon products address the three pervasive problems with conventional halogen and fluorescent task and accent lighting – short operating life, significant heat generation and energy inefficiency.

The GSA estimates $1 million in purchasing activity for Cyberlux in the energy savings task and accent category, based on prior contractor sales reporting. The contract period is March 2006 through March 2011.

Cyberlux Corporation was awarded contract GS-07F-9409S in response to GSA Solicitation 7FCI-F8-03-0056-B to provide energy saving task and accent lighting to US government organizations purchasing lighting products under the multiple award Schedule 56 solicitation for Buildings and Building Materials and Supplies.

“The award of the GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract is a significant milestone for Cyberlux. We view this GSA contract as an extension of our government sales which began with the United States Air Force Raven Watchdog Advanced Illumination System project,” observed Donald Evans, chief executive officer of Cyberlux.

“With Cyberlux now having primary contractor status to supply the Aeon products, we expect our sales to exceed the GSA estimates. We also anticipate sales of the Raven Watchdog system to expand when other branches of the military can purchase the systems through the newly attained GSA listing.”

Last fall, Cyberlux demonstrated its Watchdog Portable Covert Illumination System, an advanced lighting security system selected by the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Battlelab following a competitive review process that included 25 proposals from other companies.

The system illuminates an exterior boundary of 300 x 300 feet with either visible light or covert infrared light visible through night-vision goggles (NVGs). It was designed to protect military assets on the ground, such as an airplane, by creating a “lightless” zone around the asset while illuminating the surrounding protection boundary. In covert illumination mode, the system increases the visibility of NVGs by almost 4-fold.

Cyberlux developed advanced optics, thermal and energy management algorithms and lightweight mobilization packaging that maximized the system’s performance to meet the rigorous Battlelab requirements including a high-power light source, mounted on a tripod and powered by lithium ion batteries. The portable package weighs less than 50 pounds. It can be carried to remote locations and deployed rapidly to provide boundary security lighting.