Lighting Science supplies LED fixtures to Durham carpark

Jan. 18, 2008
Lighting Science Group has supplied LED fixtures to the County of Durham, North Carolina, to illuminate a parking facility.
As part of its Environmental Solutions Program, the County of Durham contracted with Lighting Science Group to replace the existing HID lights in the Administrative Complex Parking Facility with Lighting Science’s lowbay fixtures. The facility is a secure, underground garage used daily by county government department heads and elected officials.

By converting from the 175 watt HID fixtures to the 75 watt LED fixtures, the facility will reduce its annual lighting costs by 57 percent. The installation was completed on Friday, January 11, 2008.

Mike Turner, Director of General Services for the County of Durham, noted, “The County of Durham is committed to taking a leadership position in advancing the use of environmentally effective solutions throughout the region. Lighting Science Group shares in our vision and had the technology and wherewithal to deliver a viable solution. As part of our overall planning and budgeting process, we are reviewing a number of other potential opportunities to incorporate LED lighting solutions in our parking facilities.”

Govi Rao, chairman and CEO of Lighting Science, stated, “We are delighted to have been chosen by the County of Durham to support this important pilot initiative. We applaud the County’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.”

Lighting Science’s lowbay fixtures, combine unique style, superior performance and energy efficiency. The attractive, durable fixture consumes only 75 watts and replaced a 175W HID fixture, thereby resulting in a significant reduction in energy cost for the end-user. Lighting Science’s low bay fixtures provide cool white light with excellent color rendering, resulting in a substantial improvement in night vision and providing increased security for the tenants.