Europe initiates public consultation on LED lighting

A Green Paper on LED- and OLED-based lighting published by the European Commission launches a period of public consultation on the future development of SSL in Europe.

The European Commission has published a Green Paper on LED- and OLED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) entitled "Lighting the Future: Accelerating the Deployment of Innovative Lighting Technologies."

The Green Paper proposes a number of new Europe-wide policy initiatives that are intended to accelerate the wide deployment of SSL. The document also encourages public debate in Europe involving all interested parties.

The Green Paper’s publication also launches a public consultation period, which is open now and ends on February 29, 2012.The Commission is seeking the views of all interested individuals and organizations on the relevant issues involved by collecting replies on specific questions set out in the Green Paper.

The Green Paper is part of the Digital Agenda for Europe initiative, under the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The Green Paper was one of several European initiatives discussed at Strategies in Light Europe 2010. Two or three large-scale demonstration projects are expected to be announced soon.

SSL in Europe

The EC believes that, while Europe’s SSL industry is both large and “world-class”, SSL market uptake is slow in Europe, and SSL-related research, innovation and cooperative activities are fragmented. In this respect, Europe compares poorly with the USA and various countries in Asia.

This situation indicates a need for immediate action at a European level. First, the Green Paper addresses policies targeting European users (consumers, professional users and public procurers) that will help to overcome existing challenges and promote wider market uptake. This includes raising awareness of, and demonstrating, the benefits of SSL, as well as proposing initiatives to prevent early market failure.

On the supply side, the Green Paper proposes policies that “foster the competitiveness and global leadership” of the European lighting industry. This will, says the EC, contribute to the creation of growth and jobs in Europe.

The public consultation invites participants to answer a series of questions (12 in total) included within the Green Paper. These include:
• What can Member States do to reinforce the market surveillance of product performance and safety in the area of SSL lighting products?
• Which specific measures would you propose for accelerating SSL uptake?
• Which other actions could be taken by industry to reinforce sustainable SSL manufacturing capacity in Europe?

The public consultation web-page also contain two background documents that can be downloaded. One is entitled “Energy-Efficient Lighting and Displays: Technologies and Applications” while the second is a report on LED projects and economic test cases in Europe.

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