LEDs Magazine September 2013 issue

Aug. 27, 2013
The September 2013 issue of LEDs Magazine is now available.
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A number of LEDtronics' lighting products have enhanced the 97-year-old Santa Monica Pier and Boardwalk, maintaining the historical look of landmarks such as the Looff Hippodrome (shown) while modernizing in terms of energy efficiency, cost reductions, and improved safety with less light pollution for visitors (page 9).

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CONFERENCE REPORTPackaged LED discussion provides rousing start at The LED Show Cree, Philips Lumileds, and Nichia presented conflicting views on the future of packaged LEDs, although all agree that the components will continue to advance, and SSL system design is the key to better lighting products, reports Maury Wright.
CONFERENCE PREVIEWSIL Europe addresses the development of a new lighting ecosystem The adoption of LED lighting brings numerous challenges and opportunities to light, as the market track at the 2013 Strategies in Light Europe event will demonstrate, reports Bob Steele.

IES moves to establish LED light-source ray file standards
JIANZHONG JIAO describes how the TM-25 IES standards effort will unify the ray file datasets used by optical CAD tools, thereby lessening the burden on LED manufacturers that are often tasked with creating the files and making optical simulation tools more broadly useful.

PACKAGINGCost-reduced AlN delivers thermals needed in HB LED packages Jonathan Harris explains that a new approach to aluminum nitride ceramics can draw near the price point of alumina packages while offering sufficient thermal performance for HB LED packages.
APPLICATIONSEurope adds driving force to LED market LEDs are finding usage both inside the modern automobile and out, writes Caroline Hayes, but cost and legislation may gate the market more than technology or performance.
TESTINGLED system evaluation yields quality analysis SSL product development goes far beyond the LEDs and driver electronics, and Richie Richards explains how to evaluate the detailed design elements such as materials choices, thermal management, and compatibility issues that can in turn lead to optimal lighting products.
DESIGN FORUMOptical touchscreens benefit from compact, high-power infrared LEDs
Low-profile infrared LEDs combined with sensors can be used in a variety of configurations to implement touchscreen functionality for tablets, smartphones, and larger displays, writes Harry Feltges.

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Electronics and lighting industries try to get in sync


  • Iconic Santa Monica Pier gets LED facelift
  • Philips adds members to Hue family
  • SSL streetlights drop below $100
  • Seoul supplies China streetlights
  • Seoul mid-power LEDs attack efficacy and SSL cost
  • Mid-power GaN-on-Si LEDs
  • Osram announces COB and mid-power LEDs
  • Bridgelux enhances Vero performance
  • Cree launches smaller COBs
  • Plessey announces silicon-based blue LED
  • Gateway demonstration for MSSLC reveals LED advantages over HPS
  • DOE revises L Prize rules for PAR38 lamps
  • DOE publishes Snapshot Report on outdoor SSL
  • EPA proposes change to Energy Star verification testing
  • EPA marches toward finalizing Energy Star Lamps spec
  • DOE debunks claims of LED light hazard
  • DOE documents residential energy use for lighting