WEBCAST: LED Luminaire Photometry & Performance Testing

March 4, 2009
Our most recent Webcast discussed the fundamental aspects of performance testing of solid-state lighting fixtures, covering recently-introduced standards and equipment options.
Title: LED Luminaire Photometry & Performance Testing

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Presentation materials:
Todd Straka presentation (download PDF file)
Chris Durell presentation (download PDF file)

Todd Straka, Director Lighting Services, Intertek
Chris Durell, VP Sales, SphereOptics

Originally broadcast: Thursday March 26, 2009

Length: Approx. 75 minutes, including questions from Webcast attendees.

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OVERVIEW: The continuing evolution of solid-state lighting (SSL) has been driven by ever-present market factors such as improved energy efficiency, increased product life, reduction of maintenance costs, and lessening environmental impacts. These market drivers have generated a desire for energy-efficient SSL products, but before a full-scale industry transformation can take place, it is necessary to prove that the performance characteristics of commercial SSL products will meet or exceed those of traditional lighting technologies.

This Webcast will discuss performance standards developed for testing solid state lighting products, including IESNA LM-79-08: “Approved Method for Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products” and IESNA LM-80-08: “Approved Method for Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources.”

The speakers will describe the testing requirements of these standards and other performance testing options, explaining the types of measurement that are required and the relevant test methods. The Webcast will also look in detail at the test equipment options that companies should consider, identifying the key pieces of equipment that are necessary to make the measurements for each standard.

The Webcast will also discuss environmental performance testing e.g. exposing SSL products to stresses such as temperature, humidity, dust and shock, as well as junction temperature testing.


Intertek Intertek has earned the reputation of being one of the leading global third-party, independent testing laboratories with expertise in Photometric testing of Lighting Products including LED and Solid State Lighting for many applications including residential, commercial, automotive, traffic signal, marine, and airport lighting. Intertek's vast capabilities include Photometry, Color, Environmental, and Mechanical Testing, as well as ENERGY STAR testing, product safety certifications, and global market access. Contact Intertek to bring your products to market faster. For more information, please visit the Intertek website.
SphereOpticsSphereOptics designs, produces and sells precision radiometric and photometric test and measurement products addressing the specific needs of the aerospace, electronic imaging, LED, lighting, medical imaging and optics industries. The company offers a broad line of integrating sphere systems, specializing in custom design and manufacturing services. SphereOptics has sales and service centers located in the United States, France and Germany, and a network of qualified representatives worldwide. For more information, please visit the SphereOptics website.


Todd Straka:
Todd Straka is Director, Lighting Services with Intertek, in Cortland, New York.

During his 12 years at Intertek, Todd has operated in Sales and Sales Management, before recently being named Director for Intertek’s Lighting business Throughout his career, he has been heavily involved with both Performance Testing and Safety Certification for various types of lighting products including Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Airport, Marine, LED Traffic Signals, and Solid-State Lighting Products. Todd has also worked with industry and government organizations including U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and Transport Canada.

Christopher Durell:Christopher Durell is VP Sales & Applications Engineerin with SphereOptics LLC, headquartered in Concord, NH, USA.

Mr. Durell received his bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 1994. He received his MBA from Franklin Pierce College in 2004. Over 14 years of experience working in the optical industry he has designed and provided integrating sphere-based systems and solutions for industries including solid-state and general lighting, aerospace, medical, optics, display, automotive and many others. He currently advises or participates in several SSL groups and government standards committees and is a member of ASTM, IES, CORM and ICDM. He was one of the founding members of SphereOptics and currently resides in and works from San Diego, CA.