Building engineer saves Kansas City facility 50% in energy costs with LIKE LED Insert Kit

June 3, 2016

The LIKE LED Insert Kit offers economy, safety, and simplifies parking lot lighting conversions

Kansas City, MO - While stories about innovation seem to be focused only on digital these days, we are prone to forget the products that are used every day that also need to come into the 21st Century. For the staff of The Barry View Building that innovation came from an unlikely source - the company’s building engineer, Darrell Shackleford, a journeyman electrician and inventor. Shackleford has designed a cost-cutting replacement insert for the buildings' exterior parking lot lighting using his patent-pending LED Insert Kit known as LIKE that eliminates the need for transformers and converters, connecting directly to the AC Supply.

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Installing LIKE transforms the conventional shoebox parking lot lighting that once required the worn out lens, ballast, reflector, and 250-watt metal halite bulb into an LED replacement that provides a higher grade of daylight light, a larger array of light spread, and increased security.

The LIKE unit is lightweight, durable and easy to handle. Installation per light fixture is complete in approximately 30 minutes. There are no external parts to maintain after installation. The bulbs and drivers are guaranteed for five years or 50,000 hours of operation and can save up to 50 percent of the cost of replacing conventional.

"There are also unexpected benefits," explains Dr. Dave Cox, Owner and Managing Member, LIKE LLC. "The LIKE insert is very low in ultraviolet light rays and heat output as discovered in a research study conducted by Gamma Sci Photometric Lab. The aluminum mounting plate functions as a heat diffuser. Therefore, flying insects are not attracted to the light emitted from the LIKE kit. It is 99% bug-free and requires no lens maintenance. Because there is no lens cover to get contaminated, the lumens of the luminary and daylight light at 5000 Kelvin is not diminished by a dirty lens."

A field test conducted in February 2016, replaced all 12 shoebox lights with L-6 and L-8 LIKE fixtures. The power consumption of the parking lot lighting source before March 2015 was compared to the amperage pull in February 2016. The study shows a 380% increase in energy efficiency. The February and March 2016 billing cycle from the power company showed a 32% reduction from previous invoices. The savings for the Barry View Office Building's electric bill was over $800.00 per month. This savings trend has continued for three more billing cycles.

LIKE LED Insert Kit Features:

  • Savings up to 50% of the cost of replacing existing lights with new LED fixtures.
  • Estimated savings per shoebox light conversion is $16.00 per month based on a dusk to dawn usage.
  • LED's use up to 80% less energy than the metal halite or high-pressure sodium bulbs.
  • The aluminum mounting plate increases lumens by 10%, diffuses heat, and does not allows the LED driver to overheat.
  • The aluminum mounting plate also reflects light making it more effective in light span.
  • LIKE is weather retardant.
  • The LIKE is composed of five, six, seven or eight 12-volt LED moisture proof bulbs providing 4700 lumens on the five-unit model to 6800 lumens for the eight-unit model.
  • With a Kelvin rating at 5,000, the LIKE produces an excellent light color.
  • The LIKE replaces 250-watt metal halite light bulb, 400 high-pressure sodium and 1000 watt bulbs, which are obsolete, and not energy efficient.
  • Made in USA

LED Insert Kit Enterprises registered a dba, LIKE, LLC, in the state of Missouri in October 2015. The product went patent pending in November 2015. LIKE, LLC, is privately owned. The LIKE LED Insert Kit is made in the USA with manufacturing facilities in Kansas City, MO, and in the St. Louis metro area. Orders can be processed and shipped in seven days. The LIKE headquarters is located at: 7211 NW 83rd Street, Suite 255, Kansas City MO 64152

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