SHOW REPORT: Lightfair Daily - Thursday May 29

May 29, 2008
Thursday marked Day 4 of the LightFair conference and Day 2 of the trade show, both already a resounding success, reports our intrepid reporter Brian Owen.
Live from Las Vegas, LEDs Magazine brings you the daily LightFair report.
The trade show was extremely busy Thursday. It was like being in the world’s largest shopping center on Christmas Eve.

Attendees were being ‘floored’ with the abundance of SSL on the trade floor with some even commenting that they were suprised there was so much SSL. If a criticism, so be it and thank you! In making the rounds, there is so much to see regarding SSL. However, it must be said that there is ‘the good, the bad and definitely the ugly!’ ‘Caveat emptor’ or buyer beware!

Exhibitor notes

On a humorous note, Everlight was giving away sunglasses, commenting that their products are so bright and you need the sunglasses to look at them. Good marketing promotion and a great touch!

Once again, Beta/Ruud is lighting the path as a leader, even taking a show exhibitor booth design award in its class. Beta/Ruud has to also be complimented for their educational video series being screened in its sponsored LFI Cyber Café on the trade show floor.

Nexxus released new products under the line brand, ‘Array’ and the company's new thermal technology at Lightfair is said to employ effective hest dissipation with ‘heat pipes’ rather than larger and heavier heat sinks.

This is accomplished through the use of the smaller die in multiples, rather than the typical high brightness LED chips. This makes their luminaires very light. New products include an MR 16 and PAR series, touting full smooth dimming and that all luminaires fit traditional incandescent and halogen fixtures.

For potential exhibitors for next year's New York show, LightFair opened space reservations in the booking room. The interest in the 2009 show was overwhelming and was like standing in line overnight for LED Zeppelin concert tickets.

IES information

The IES offered great educational information at their booth. The IES Street and Area Lighting Conference (SALC) will be held in Denver, CO, in October. It is rumoured that SSL will be in abundance at SALC, both on the trade floor and discussed during the program. Also, the IES Annual Conference will be held in Savannah, GA, this November.

Ingelligent control systems

One interesting conference was held by Bob Helle of the ZigBee Alliance, who discussed addressable communication for intelligent control systems in a presentation entitled, ‘ZigBee Alliance – Addressing Energy Efficiency’. The topic explains the content as intelligent control systems provide another opportunity to further achieve energy reductions and realize savings.

This technology is well suited to ‘complement’ and ‘compliment’ SSL luminaires and systems. In fact, some manufacturers are already integrating the technology into the luminaire directly. Whether it be a stand-alone system integration or an internal design integration, ‘command and control technology’ will take SSL to another level.

2008 was the 2nd year for the Educational Lighting Forum, initiated at LightFair 2007 in New York. This forum brought professionals and academics together for a discussion regarding the state of lighting education. LFI is commended for their continuing efforts to improve lighting education and target new students and their mentors and also bring education on new technology to the current profession. You can teach old dogs new tricks, but if they don’t learn, the new pups will certainly take over the kennel.

ENERGY Star and LEDs

In a presentation entitled, ‘ENERGY STAR and How LEDs “Measure Up”', Jeff McCullough and Mia Paget of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) gave a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Department of Energy (DOE) programs for SSL. Jeff provided a review or the history and development of the DOE’s SSL Commercialization Strategy and the status of industry standards and test procedures, including the ENERGY STAR criteria for SSL and the current release that will ‘go live’ on September 30th this year.

McCullough also provided details as to the proposed additions to Category A that include street and area lighting, parking garage lighting, and some replacement lamp applications. This will be further announced and planned to be released for public discussion in July.

He also explained Category B or efficacy-based performance, which will have an aggressive efficacy requirement of 70 lm/W, is simpler, has no total flux or zonal lumen requirements, and allows for non-directional lighting applications. Manufacturers will be able to qualify product under Category B ~3 years after September 30th. This category will serve as a future target for manufacturers.

Mia Paget reviewed the history of the CALiPER program and the previous rounds of testing. She announced that Round 5 was released Wednesday and was now available on the DOE SSL web portal. The attendees were provided with the most current information and results from this same-day release. In closing, she reminded everyone to be an informed buyer and that the bottom line is to understand and request SSL luminaire testing. A word to manufacturers, go ENERGY STAR or go home!

Canadian Standards Association reception

At the close of the day, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) hosted a reception at which Jim Mismas of CSA presented ‘Certification Programs for LED Lighting’ offered by the CSA. Once again, standards development and its application are critical to ensure that quality SSL products are going to market, providing the needed assurance for the end user.

Friday: Conference end

Since Friday’s program brings a close to LightFair 2008, there is no more suitable a presentation than the one entitled, ‘Bye Bye Incandescent?’ that will address the controversy, confusion and relevance of this and other technologies for today’s and tomorrow’s environmental concerns and needs, as well as current and proposed legislation and standards. The presentation is an account and summary of the topics in a series of the same name, originally explored by IES New York Section Members in 2007 and 2008, in a series.

Off site, you can also take in a presentation regarding the progress of the Solid State Industry Trade Association (SSLITA) at Circus Circus, starting at 10 am, including a review of proposed initiatives.