Daintree continues to expand the ecosystem around its SSL control platform

March 30, 2016
LG Innotek has added to its portfolio of ZigBee-enabled products based on Daintree technology and Samsung had announced compatibility with the Daintree platform after announcing a Smart Lighting Module at L+B.

LG Innotek has added to its portfolio of ZigBee-enabled products based on Daintree technology and Samsung had announced compatibility with the Daintree platform after announcing a Smart Lighting Module at L+B.

Daintree Networks and LG Innotek have announced that the latter is preparing to ship a modular wireless interface, a 30W LED driver, and a 55W LED driver that are all based on open-standard ZigBee wireless technology and that are compatible with Daintree's ControlScope software platform. Moreover, Daintree and Samsung have struck a recent partnership and Daintree has also announced that Magtech Industries, Inventronics, EuControls, and MMB Networks will all offer products that are compatible with ControlScope and ZigBee networks.

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Samsung and Daintree

The Samsung and Daintree partnership news broke just after the Light+Building (L+B) event. At L+B, Samsung had announced a new smart-lighting platform and what it called the Smart Lighting Module (SLM). Samsung intends to help its LED customers in their quest to add connectivity to their solid-state lighting (SSL) products.

Now the SLM will also be inherently compatible with the Daintree control suite. "By partnering with Daintree Networks, with their ControlScope solution, we will support traditional lighting control as well as enable new sensor-driven applications," said Jacob Tarn, executive vice president of the LED Business Team at Samsung Electronics. "For example, by connecting third-party occupancy sensors to our SLM technology, ControlScope customers will be able to more accurately monitor occupant patterns that can improve business operations and enhance security in retail environments."

LG Innotek

Daintree and LG Innotek have had a ZigBee-centric partnership going back to March 2015. Indeed, that original 37W troffer-centric driver won a LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award recently.

Now the LG offering will expand by June with more drivers and the Wireless Interface Module (WIM) that can be easily integrated alongside SSL products with no ZigBee support and the addition of more ZigBee-enabled driver options. "By linking our embedded wireless products with Daintree Networks' control system, we are meeting the demand from leading LED luminaire manufacturers for cost-effective, seamless lighting control solutions," said D.Y. Huh, vice president of engineering with LG Innotek. "As a result, luminaire manufacturers can focus on their core capabilities and integrate our embedded wireless products into their own unique offerings. We plan to continue to provide embedded wireless connectivity in our products to help enable this growing market."

New ecosystem participants

The addition of Magtech Industries, Inventronics, EuControls, and MMB Networks, meanwhile, will further expand the ecosystem and the first two in the list will exhibit Daintree-compatible products at the upcoming LightFair International (LFI). Magtech will demonstrate ZigBee-enabled drivers while Inventronics will demonstrate wireless modules that can add ZigBee support to one or a group of Inventronics drivers.

"We're the place to start when looking for wireless enterprise lighting solutions with ZigBee-ready LED drivers, stud-mount and linear ballast enclosures, as well as ZigBee end-node adaptors that are Daintree ControlScope-certified and ready to deploy," said Gail Wang, president of Magtech Industries. "Our Daintree-certified products are helping to drive the Internet of Things [IoT] for the enterprise."

"Our CNV-ZIGB wireless dimming converter for ZigBee lighting-control networks provides maximum flexibility in lighting design and effortless facility expansions without the high installation costs of control wiring," said Marshall Miles, vice president of business development at Inventronics. "The wireless dimming converter enables one or more Inventronics LED drivers to be controlled by Daintree's ControlScope network solution. With ControlScope, the interoperability with other ZigBee devices such as switches, dimmers, occupancy and daylight sensors allows us to provide wireless connectivity at the lowest system cost for a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications."

EUControls will also add their Lighting Control Module (LCM) that can be connected with existing drivers and ballasts. And MMB Networks offers an embedded software development platform called RapidConnect that will enable SSL developers to quickly add ZigBee support in switches, sensors, and other control products.