Lighting projects: Tryka, Avolites and James Thomas

Nov. 15, 2005
Wookey Hole Caves lit by Tryka
Lighting the Wookey Hole cave system in Somerset, UK, introduced some unique conditions, as the caves have a high humidity and are at a constant temperature of 11ºC.

"Previous lighting systems had perished in such environment, so we needed to be certain we were installing something that lasted," said Gordon Smith, Head of Technical Operations at the Caves,

Tryka LED luminaires were the answer. A total of 14 IP68-rated Strip Modules in different lengths, 9 IP68-rated Module 36 fixtures with 25° optics and 30 MR16 Module 6 fixtures with 25° and 6° optics were installed across four chambers. Each one is lit according to the rock formation and water content, with units both above and below water.

Gordon Smith enthuses: "The LED lighting enhances the formation of the stalactites and stalagmites, enabling visitors to see the natural formation of the caves clearly. It is also cost effective and maintenance is simple when required. The lighting design has been well received by the public and the colour options offer a great deal of flexibility [for a variety of different events]."

Wireless solution for Trafford Centre

Avolites Ltd and dAFTdATA Ltd have supplied KD Decoratives with a bespoke wireless solution based on the Avolites eDMX system, to control the Festive Lights installation at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, UK.

The million pound installation, which includes festive reindeers and lights, spans the entire 600-m length of the Trafford Centre. The wireless control system allows individual control of over 200 LED fixtures supplied by DFX, a UK company which also manufactured the controllers.

A series of 30 "drop poles" are suspended from the Centre’s glass roof void, each pole mounted with between 5 and 15 LED fixtures.

A dAFTdATA HILDA opencase card with external antenna is mounted at the top of each pole. This handles the network selection, monitoring and data processing wirelessly to over 200 LED controllers, so the complete LED system is thus controlled - wirelessly - from one central location.

Based on WiFi technology, the customised eDMX system also works in harmony with the Trafford Centre's exciting wireless infrastructure.

KD Decorative's Michael Gims says, "The ability to integrate the wireless DMX control element with the building's existing wired and wireless Ethernet systems has resulted in massive savings in installation cost and time”.

PixelEights rock at Levi’s® Flagship Store

JTE’s new PixelEights are rocking the streets of London as part of an exciting new window display at the Levi’s® Flagship Store in Regent Street.

The rock ‘n’ roll set is being used to promote the Levi’s® Ones to Watch 2005 Tour campaign that supports a number of exciting new bands on a tour across the UK in December.

Communications agency Logistik created and installed a compelling window concept, recreating the atmosphere and excitement of the Barfly venue in Camden.

Logistik’s project director, Attila Keskin explains: “I wanted to add some pizzazz to the generic par rig – something that would really wow the people in the street! The PixelEights were recommended by PRG and as I had used PixelLine 1044s in the windows last year – I was confident the fixtures would provide another dimension to the display. I am very happy with the result, loads of light is projected into the street and the effects really attract people to look in the window.”

All the lighting was supplied by PRG Europe London.