LEDs Magazine July/August 2012 issue

July 3, 2012
The July/August 2012 issue of LEDs Magazine is now available.
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The Lighting Research Center and Osram Sylvania used a DC-powered grid, modular tiles, and wireless controls to implement a cloud-like LED lighting system in a Paramount Pictures conference room (see page 9).

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ASSEMBLY AC-LED lighting products find niche, perhaps more AC-LED assemblies often can produce light output levels and efficacies of DC-LED assemblies, while eliminating the AC-to-DC converter. But can they move beyond niche applications, asks Laura Peters?
PATENTSPatents compete for priority in the remote-phosphor LED technology space Remote-phosphor technology for LED lighting applications is a hotbed of innovation, with companies such as Intematix and Cree leading the way, as LILY LI explains.
LIGHTFAIRLamp form remains important, SSL takes new shape at LFI The sentiment at Lightfair this year had moved beyond the idea of LEDs becoming the predominant light source toward consideration of what only can be accomplished with SSL, report Laura Peters and Maury Wright.

Understand color science to maximize success with LEDs – part 2
An in depth consideration of the CIE Chromaticity Diagram and the Planckian locus prepares lamp and luminaire designers to best take advantage of the unique properties of LED light sources, explains George Kelly.

STANDARDS Zhaga writes the book on LED light engine specifications The Zhaga consortium has now defined six sets of interface specifications for different types of LED light engines, and certified products are expected to be on the market soon, as TIM WHITAKER explains.
THERMAL Advanced thermal characterization improves LED street-light design A street light is hot-lumens tested in compliance with JEDEC standards, as ANDRÁS POPPE, ANDRÁS SZALAI and JOHN PARRY explain.
DESIGN FORUM Fair comparison of white LEDs and remote phosphor guides design choice Proponents of remote-phosphor technology are claiming a significant efficacy advantage in luminaires and lamps relative to designs that use phosphor-converted white LEDs. But as Michael Leung explains, comparisons must be made in like applications.

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Judging SSL products reveals a lot about the state of LED lighting


  • Osram and LRC partner on Paramount Pictures SSL project
  • The LED Show will cover chips to lighting installations
  • Tower Bridge in London receives Olympic LED makeover
  • Cooper announces Zhagacertified LED downlight
  • JEDEC publishes four international thermal-testing standards for LEDs
  • DOE announces $7 million in latest SSL manufacturing funding
  • Caliper Report 15 compares flood lights
  • UL opens lighting test center in Burago, Italy