LG Electronics introduces new wireless controls for LED lighting

May 10, 2016
LG Electronics USA has expanded the breadth of its industry-leading LED lighting controls and luminaires featuring ZigBee® integrated wireless technology. LG recently displayed the expanded product line-up at LIGHTFAIR International 2016.

At LIGHTFAIR, LG demonstrated two new sensor products – the Smart Multi Sensor and Wireless Scheduling Switch – supporting the company's efforts to create a complete wireless controls platform for LED lighting. LG's Smart Multi Sensor is an after-market accessory compatible with LG's LED troffers and downlights, designed for users who are looking to maximize energy savings with daylight harvesting and motion detection across an individual or network of fixtures. LG's Wireless Scheduling Switch is a dimmable light switch that offers full wireless control using ZigBee in order to turn a group of fixtures on and off at specific intervals, offering complete convenience in managing energy usage.

LG's current LED troffers and high bays provide wireless motion and daylight harvesting technology, which is easily controlled and commissioned through our intuitive Android mobile application. Building managers can now use the mobile app on Android devices to group fixtures, adjust light levels, adjust daylight harvesting, set automated scheduling and much more. LG systems use ZigBee open protocol wireless technology, which provides the flexibility to easily upgrade to a full lighting management system (LMS) or a building management system (BMS) through LG's third-party partners such as Daintree Networks.

"LG leads the way in implementing wireless connectivity capabilities throughout its LED offerings that are seamless and convenient for the customer to install and manage," said Sean Lafferty, head of LG's U.S. LED lighting business. "We look ahead in the coming months to debut a complete wireless control platform that will allow for integration of all our LED lighting products to operate within its own, independent ecosystem."

For more information on LG's newest wireless connectivity products featured at LIGHTFAIR International and to speak with an LG representative, visit LG Electronics' website.


Adam Belmont - LG Electronics