Stack expands smart lighting partnerships with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT to personalize user experiences

Aug. 11, 2016
Stack, the technology leader behind the world’s first responsive lighting solutions, has announced two new integrations to further streamline lighting controls and sensor triggers for a more seamless user experience: Amazon Alexa and the brand new IFTTT partner platform. These integrations will further enable users to customize not only their smart lighting experience, but to utilize Stack’s embedded sensors to inform and personalize the entire smart home or office.

Integration with Alexa allows users to use an Amazon Echo, or any Alexa-enabled device, to control their lights with simple, intuitive voice commands. Users can utilize rooms defined in the Stack app, or create new groups in the Alexa app to control every Stack bulb throughout their home. Users can now use their voice to easily adjust their lights to set the mood - no more reaching for your phone when it’s movie time.

Stack is also announcing new functionality with their existing integration partner, IFTTT. As part of the new IFTTT partner platform, Stack now has a native integration with IFTTT, so users can enable recipes with a simple tap from within the Stack Lighting app. For example, users can now use the Stack Lighting app to trigger their connected blinds to lower when Stack senses that it’s very bright in a room.

“With the help of strategic partners like Amazon and IFTTT, the ability to adjust and optimize light without manual intervention is quickly becoming a reality for households today,” said Neil Joseph, Founder and CEO of Stack. “We’re always trying to find new ways for Stack to integrate and work with other like-minded products and these integrations allow our users to create the types of experiences that have long been the goal of the IoT community.”

“Partners who have integrated their service with IFTTT have already seen tremendous success,” said Linden Tibbets, IFTTT CEO. “We are now thrilled to provide a more seamless experience for their users through embedding IFTTT functionality directly in their applications. We are excited to see how our partners and their users leverage this integration to do even more with the products and services they love.”

“The Stack Lighting team knows their stuff,” said Tibbets. “From hardware that senses presence to setting and meeting the right expectations for user experience. They’ve got a great product that will keep getting better.”

Stack’s innovative smart lighting bulbs are equipped with embedded sensors that enable the lights to dynamically react to natural light and occupancy. Both the Stack Classic and Downlight run on open IoT standards and can help expand the capabilities of other compatible smart home devices. Stack is also a Works with Nest partner, offering a direct integration that can seamlessly enable your Nest Learning Thermostat to turn up your air conditioning if Stack senses that your family is in a room that runs warmer than the rest of your home.


Joe Fox - for Stack Lighting
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