Factorylux collaborates with Xicato on IoT lighting at Light+Building

March 31, 2016
Factorylux, the innovative UK manufacturer of hybrid (architectural + decorative) lighting was selected by Xicato, a leading manufacturer of intelligent light sources based in San Jose, California, to deliver a 'futuristic industrial' lighting concept at Light + Building 2016.

The overall concept was designed and specified by Light Collective, the eclectic UK lighting design, art, event, media and communication practice. It was installed at Xicato Man's Secret HQ in Frankfurt for Light + Building 2016.

The centerpeice was a bespoke IoT (internet of things) installation, created using 12 Carmine Red Factorylux Vitreous Enamel Pendants with gobo projectors. The light level was controllable via Twitter, using special hashtags created for the event and enabled by Xicato’s new XIM intelligent lighting module.

Xicato Man's HQ also featured a range of standard Factorylux products, including bulkhead lights, enamel pendants and prefabricated modular steel conduit. All luminaires featured either Xicato XTM or XIM modules. All the products featured on the Xicato stand can be configured and specified now at factorylux.com.

The Factorylux team - R&D, product design and sales - also presented prototypes of new Factorylux architectural spotlights to international designers, specifiers and distributors.
Roger Sexton, VP Specifier Service at Xicato: "The Factorylux luminaires on our stand were visionary, original and offbeat all at the same time. I'm still smiling about this!"

Martin Lupton, co-founder of Light Collective said, "Factorylux gave the space the look we really wanted and something that no-one else could have helped us with. They are unique."

Stanley Wilson, Factorylux co-founder: "We are innovating hard, 'futuristic industrial' is now officially a thing. Gratitude to Xicato for recognising and endorsing that, ahead of the curve as ever."

Stuart Alexander, Senior Designer at Michael Grubb Studio: "In a place where there is more light than oxygen, it is difficult to find something refreshing. Experts of finish and detail, Factorylux are the connoisseur's choice."


Jennifer Crawford - for FactoryLux
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