LDDE turns LED lights on performers

Sept. 13, 2004
LDDE (Vienna, Austria) introduced several new products in its SpectraLine range, including a specialized spotlight for professional stage productions.
SpectraLimeled The new SpectraLimeled from LDDE of Vienna, Austria, is designed for professional stage lighting to illuminate performers, and can be easily recessed into the stage floor. The product uses smooth_operator control (SOC) technology to guarantee smooth dimming from 0-100%, an optimal colour mixing performance and flicker-free fades as well as flashes and strobes.

The smooth_operator provides a light linear characteristic and separate RGB and intensity channels. The utilization of warm white LEDs allows the SpectraLimeled to reproduce the nuances of conventional spotlights, and to be used in established repertoires.

Each unit has a finned heat sink, as well as a digital temperature monitor which turns on the cooling fans when required (normally these are off to prevent noise during a performance) or switches off the device in case of overheating.

SpectraBrilliant RGB spotlight

SpectraBrilliantLDDE claims that the SpectraBrilliant is the worldwide smallest architectural spotlight with integrated DMX control for power rail systems. 18 LEDs form an RGB colour mixing system with highly homogenous performance. The spotlight is controlled over the DMX512 log by means of a special power and data track. Due to an on-board adapter there is no need for extensive cabling, so that the spotlight can be placed individually and can be combined with any conventional spotlight on the same track system.

SpectraPoolpo IP67+ RGB modular system

SpectraPoolpo The SpectraPoolpo uses the LDDE´s modular LED RGB color-mixing systems which can be integrated into various casings up to IP68. The low-voltage input also allows the product to be used under water. The LED modules consist of 18 Lumileds LEDs, 6 each in red, green and blue. The LED controller realises a light linear characteristic controlled via the DMX512 log. Other modules with different amounts of LEDs and colours are available on request.