Dialight teams with Rosco for precise color control

Nov. 19, 2004
Dialight Corporation has introduced its SpectraMix color specification and control protocol that speaks the language of Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
Now able to specify lighting color in the familiar palette of the lead producer of theatrical color media, lighting designers can be confident their color selection will be repeatable - fixture to fixture and over time. SpectraMix takes solid-state LED illumination to a new level of sophistication by incorporating several feedback mechanisms and algorithms to compensate for the inherent variation of high-brightness LEDs and their color performance over time.

Claiming exact color matching to Rosco coordinates for both standard halogen and daylight references, SpectraMix can instantly and repeatedly produce specifiable color in every lighting instrument produced. It was demonstrated at the recent LDI show in Las Vegas. Garrett Young, Chief of Engineering at Dialight, said, "We have taken great strides in making sure our color specification integrity can hold up to the scrutiny of the most demanding lighting designer. SpectraMix incorporates multiple feedback mechanisms and algorithms in order to monitor, maintain, and accurately repeat specified color in a reliable and robust way."

Dialight President and CEO Roy Burton said, "Lighting designers are only now able to see the proof that solid-state lighting can and will replace conventional lighting instruments in the near future. We are confident that we can produce specifiable repeatable color in the Rosco palette for this and any future lighting instrument we produce."

Dialight Corporation has also entered into an agreement with Rosco to establish an exclusive distribution relationship for its SpectraMix™ color specification and control protocol.

"Rosco is both impressed with and pleased to promote the SpectraMix color system," said Stan Miller, president and CEO of Rosco Laboratories. "We see SpectraMix delivering the promise of what LEDs have to offer the theatrical and entertainment communities. We are proud to put the Rosco name on Dialight's technology and look forward to fostering the adoption of solid-state lighting in our industry."