Anolis provides LEDs for The Casino at The Empire

July 2, 2007
Anolis LED fixtures have been specified and installed on the exterior facades of the newly opened Casino at Leicester Square, London.
The 55,000 square foot, Paul Steelman (PSDG) interior designed venue is owned and operated by London Clubs Management (LCM) a wholly owned subsidiary of the largest gaming company in the world, Harrahs. Burrows Cave International (BCI) continued their relationship with LCM by handling the interpretation and realisation of PSDG interior design scheme from their London offices.

The state of the art facility brings a flourish of Las Vegas to the former site of the famous Empire Ballroom.

TMC Ltd were asked to provide an exterior lighting scheme that would come alive with colour and anticipation, generate interest and excitement among passers by and ensure that the world class venue stood out in one of London’s busiest thoroughfares. They asked Robe UK’s Bill Jones to collaborate in devising a lighting scheme to meet the client’s requirements.

Side door TMC’s Martin Tarpy and Dave Turnbull discussed initial ideas with Jones and Nathan Wan (Robe UK’s design and technical services specialist) to create a system that would have the desired impact on this vibrant location.

Everyone involved was keen on the energy saving advantages, low maintenance and high impact of using an LED – based scheme.

Wan worked from the Architect’s drawings and produced his own CAD files to which the Anolis fixtures were applied as he and Jones drew up the final specifications for the project. These were then transferred into 3D video and still images for TMC Ltd to show the client for approval – the project was managed for LCM by Shaun Doyle of SDM Ltd.

Anolis products were chosen for many reasons; primarily because of their high quality optics and output and the ease of installation - “straight out of the box” explains Bill Jones. He goes on to add that Anolis’ general toughness and superior build quality were also deciding factors.

The main façade of the building features a total of 50 Anolis ArcSource Inground 12 RGB flood fixtures with 25 degree lenses and 12 ArcLine Optic 36 RGB outdoor strips with 25˚ lenses illuminating under the front canopies.

Up-lighting the first floor balcony walls are 8 Arc Source Inground 12 RGB and 4 Arc Source Outdoor 36 RGB units, while the front columns are highlighted by four ArcLine Outdoor Optic 36 RGB 25˚ lenses - which are also used to light the archway ceiling.

The lighting picture on the venue’s front fascia is completed with the installation of two Robe ColorSpot 1200E AT moving heads – in hard domes – located at the edges of the first floor balcony. These are used for image projection and branding onto the main facade.

Just around the corner, the building’s Leicester Street entrance canopy is lit with 8 ArcLine Outdoor Optic 36 RGB units with 25˚ lenses, which throw a colour changing pool of light onto the pavement around the entranceway.

All this externally located Anolis product is driven via a series of ArcPower 144 driver boxes, with an Artistic License Light Switch for overall architectural control.

Inside The Casino at The Empire, the Shadow Dancing Bar features two Robe ColorMix 575 AT fixtures, which are used to provide point source lighting for the dancers; and controlled by the room’s ShowCAD system.

One of the lifts to the main casino has 8 ArcSource 7 RGB WW fixtures which provide colour changing effects triggered by the lift’s movements. TMC Ltd’s Dave Turnbull comments, "The service and design package we have received form Robe has been superb. It has been a real pleasure working with Bill and Nathan – they are very thorough and meticulous in their approach - and the results speak for themselves."

This extensive array of external lighting has transformed the front fascia of the building into a modern, vibrant and eye-catching display, mirroring the classy chic styling of the interiors. The venue has already aroused much anticipation and excitement in this buzzing area of central London.