NEC to introduce high-end LCD with LED backlight

March 11, 2005
NEC LCD Technologies plans to start shipping samples of a 21.3-inch LCD using with RGB LEDs to provide the back-light.
LCD with LED backlights NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. is to ship samples in April 2005 of its new 21.3-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) which is equipped with a high luminance RGB LED array as the light source of the back-light system.

The ultra-extended graphics array ( UXGA), amorphous silicon thin film transistor (TFT LCD) module, part number NL160120BC27-10, is aimed at professional color processing use such as in digital photo editing, digital pre-press operation and various computer design work.

The display supports Adobe RGB, the de facto standard color space in professional color processing fields. The new LED back-light system results in an ultra-wide color gamut of 109% for Adobe RGB. The display has a brightness of 230 cd/m2, and reproduces vivid colors that were not possible with conventional display devices such as LCD modules with cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) back-light units.

The luminance of each color LED is individually controllable. This enables adjustment of the white balance of each screen for multi-screen use. It is also beneficial in cases where color matching between the display screen and other input and output (I/O) equipment - such as digital cameras, image scanners or printers - is necessary. In addition, the tuning range of the white balance of the LED back-light system is wider than that of LCD modules with CCFL back-light units. As a result, the stability of the luminance and the chromaticity can be preserved against age deterioration.

Also, the new module is completely mercury free, as a result of omitting the CCFL as the back-light system. In addition, the influence of higher harmonic waves on surrounding electronic equipment is dramatically reduced through omission of the inverter circuit used in CCFLs.

Need for wide color gamut

Recently, digitalization of a series of operations such as image inputting, editing, proofing, checking, archiving and sharing is expanding within professional fields such as press, publishing, printing and photo editing, for the purpose of operational efficiency improvement and cost reduction. This kind of digital workflow in the above mentioned fields can only exist on a commercial basis when accurate, common color space is shared throughout each process coherently.

Although the Adobe RGB color space has obtained a position as the standard color space in professional digital color processing fields, only a few display devices can reproduce this color space efficiently. Therefore, designers and color proofing operators have been forced to print test sheets repetitively in order to confirm whether the intended appropriate color has been actually reproduced or not.

"Our new 21.3-inch TFT LCD module with RGB LED back-light technology will make obsolete inefficient conventional trial-and-error methods, and will aid realization of full digital workflow in professional color processing fields, in turn contributing to great cost reduction and operational efficiency improvement." said Hidetoshi Usui, department manager in charge of product planning and marketing, NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd.