LG Innotek and Zumtobel Group sign LED cooperation agreement

Dec. 15, 2010
Zumtobel and LG will work together to transfer expertise from the LCD backlighting market into the general lighting field.
The Zumtobel Group, an Austrian lighting company, and LG Innotek, a Korea-based LED manufacturer, have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of LEDs.

The aim of cooperation is to transfer the successful high-volume business in LED backlights for LCD screens to the field of professional lighting.

The two companies say that they will each be contributing their respective expertise in terms of technology, applications and production. One important aspect will be the use of LEDs as point light sources to produce flat-area lighting.

Tridonic, the lighting components brand within the Zumtobel Group, has an existing LED portfolio. In will now also be offering LED products from LG, such as LED modules and converters for professional lighting, via its own sales channels.

The Zumtobel subsidiary Tridonic Jennersdorf GmbH is the Group’s technology and innovation specialist for LED technology. The nearby Tridonic production plant in Fürstenfeld recently commissioned its first LED assembly line to build LED lighting chains.

LG Innotek is a vertically integrated LED manufacturer, with capabilities in epitaxy and phosphors through to packaged emitters and modules. As part of the LG Group, it supplies LED back-lighting units for LCD panels.

The company showcased a wide range of LED lighting products at this year’s Light+Building tradeshow, and also discussed its plans to commence mass production of LED chips on 6-inch wafers. LG Innotek is thought to be the company that has signed a $71 million contract with Rubicon Technology to supply 6-inch sapphire wafers.