Intematix expands phosphor manufacturing capabilities

March 27, 2008
The acquisition of a phosphor manufacturing company in China will boost Intematix's capacity and give access to CFL and CCFL markets.
Phosphor manufacturer Intematix Corp, based in Fremont, California, has completed the acquisition of a manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China.

Designated Intematix Suzhou Lighting Company Ltd (ISL), the manufacturing facility and business unit adds to Intematix’ overall phosphor manufacturing capabilities. It also immediately expands the company's range of phosphors to include compact fluorescent (CFL) and cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) product lines in addition to products for the LED market.

The ISL business is currently a premium supplier of CFL phosphors to the Chinese market, which today accounts for 80% of the worldwide CFL manufacturing base.

Intematix CEO Peter Larsson said, “ISL’s current infrastructure provides us with a phosphor capacity increase in excess of 200 metric tons, and an ultimate capacity for 600 metric tons."

CFL is the de facto energy-efficient lighting technology that is rapidly displacing traditional, inefficient incandescent lamps. CCFLs are most typically found in the backlights of LCD panels in laptops, desktop computer monitors, and LCD TVs.

Intematix co-founder and Display & Lighting Business Unit General Manger, Yi-Qun Li said, “When you combine Intematix’ expertise in material innovation with Intematix Suzhou Lighting’s existing high-volume, high-efficiency manufacturing capabilities, it really sets the stage for expansion in several directions at once.

"The market can expect to see our LED phosphor technology being used for further improvement of ISL’s CFL and CCFL products. At the same time, direct experience with the high-volume CFL lighting and CCFL backlighting markets will fully prepare Intematix to respond as mass adoption takes place for both the LED lighting and LED backlighting technologies.”

New phosphor composition design for LED, CFL and CCFL applications, as well as non-phosphor advanced electronic material research and production will continue in the Fremont, California headquarters. Intematix Suzhou Lighting will focus on all types of phosphor production, as well as process engineering and development for those product lines.

“ISL has a track-record of technical leadership that has been developed through their extensive experience in the high volume CFL business,” adds Adam Andersen, Intematix’ VP of Operations.