LED Business Roundup: LEDs in India, LED Roadway Lighting, CEA-Leti, Neolux, Digi-Key, Intematix

June 28, 2011
The Indian government is to provide incentives for LED lighting, LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. has secured $8 million in funding, CEA-Leti and Neolux have joined forces to manufacture LED modules, and Digi-Key and Intematix have entered into a global distribution agreement.
India provides incentives for LEDs

The Indian government is set to provide incentives to the country’s emerging energy-efficiency industry, including LED lighting, under the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE), according to an article in the Hindustan Times.

Two funds have been set up under the mission to provide financial incentives necessary to kick start a new industry. "Both these instruments [will provide] public money towards energy efficiency," said Ajay Mathur, Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). "Many banks are not ready to pay loans for companies in the energy-efficiency sector because the risk has not been evaluated."

In addition to it, the Bureau has also asked the government to reduce excise duty on energy-efficient appliances. "We are looking at making LED cost-effective in the next two years through market intervention and a labeling regime," Mathur said.

The article says that a 40W LED light that used to cost Rs 1,200 (around $27) a year ago now sells at around Rs 500 (approx $11). The BEE believes that prices will go down further down in the next two years as demand rises. Already, municipal bodies in Kolkata, Bhopal and Gwalior are using LED streetlights, and others are expected to follow suit.

Also, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has come out with specifications for LED lights, and the government has created a testing facility at the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) to examine LED lights.

Funding for LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.

LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., a Nova Scotia, Canada-based supplier of LED-based street, roadway and area lighting fixtures and control systems, has closed an $8 million round of financing.

Cycle Capital Management (CCM) Inc., a Canadian cleantech venture-capital investor, provided $4 million, in collaboration with Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBi), the province’s private-sector-led business development agency.

LED Roadway Lighting has research and design facilities in Halifax, Nova Scotia and a 55,000 sq. foot (5100 m2) manufacturing facility in Amherst.

CEA-Leti and Neolux partner to develop intelligent LED systems

CEA-Leti, a French research and technology organization, is partnering with a French LED lighting company, Neolux, on a three-year project to develop and manufacture innovative LED modules and products for lighting.

The MODULED project will help to commercialize smart-LED systems in France by simplifying the operation and assembly of the systems, and by establishing processes to allow the fabrication of next-generation LED modules while reducing the costs of acquisition for OEMs. More details.

Digi-Key Corp. and Intematix sign global distribution agreement

Digi-Key Corp., an electronic component manufacturer, and Intematix, an LED phosphor supplier, have entered into a global distribution agreement.

Intematix's products are based on its patented phosphor technology. Compared to conventional LED designs, where blue chips are coated with a phosphor compound, the ChromaLit Collection, now available through Digi-Key, leverages a phosphor composite separated from the blue LED energy source. More details.