EPA progresses on Energy Star luminaires and lamps specifications

The US Environmental Protection Agency has published version 1.2 of the Energy Star luminaires specification and released the third draft of version 1.0 of the Energy Star lamps specification – both of which are being driven by the SSL transition.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to tune its Energy Star specifications for lamps and luminaires, and manufacturers of LED-based lighting products that want to seek Energy Star status have new targets. Version 1.2 of the Energy Star luminaires specification guides the design of directional and non-directional solid-state lighting (SSL) fixtures while the Energy Star lamps specification that is in draft form targets retrofit lamps.

The lamps and luminaires specifications aren't specific to SSL products, but LED-based products are driving much of the work in the specifications, because of the efficacy and light output advancements in SSL. Still, the EPA has backed off a bit in the planned efficacy ramp.

Version 1.2 of the luminaires specification is available on the EPA website. One major change is the elimination of the previously announced plans to mandate efficacy of 70 lm/W by September 1, 2013. The EPA has left the requirement at 65 lm/W until it considers version 2.0 of the specification.

The new version also eases light output requirements of some directional luminaires such as ceiling-fan lights with multiple heads and chandeliers. In such non-directional products, the specification calls for measuring the performance of the light source, whereas in directional products the performance of the integral luminaire is measured. The agency noted that in the excepted applications, the prior 800-lm minimum requirement isn't appropriate.

The third draft of the Energy Star lamps specification, meanwhile, is being circulated for industry review. The new Lamps V1.0 draft has language that clarifies the products that are and are not eligible for Energy Star recognition. The Elevated Temperature Life Test has been modified. Moreover, there are changes in luminous intensity distribution requirements and in uniformity of color over angle requirements.

The EPA is conducting a webinar on the specification on January 11, 2013. To register, you must email your contact information to lamps@energystar.gov and include "Lamps Draft 3 Webinar" in the email subject line. Comments on the new draft are due January 18.

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