Precision-Paragon adds 430 DLC Listed LED lighting products during 2014

Jan. 15, 2015
Lighting Manufacturer More Than Triples Number of DesignLights Consortium® Qualified Products During Past Year

Precision-Paragon [P2] has announced that 430 of the manufacturer’s energy-efficient LED lighting product configurations achieved DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) Qualified Products Listing during 2014.

The DLC Qualified Products List is the industry’s leading public list of high quality, high efficiency LED products for the commercial sector. To be included on the list, a product must meet rigorous quality standards, and have its efficacy and lifespan independently tested and verified by a qualified laboratory.

DLC listing is also a requirement of many utility- and government-administered energy-efficiency rebate programs and incentives across the country.

“DLC listing is important for lighting professionals and building owners” said Russ Price, [P2] director of engineering. “So we made it a priority during the past year, and it will continue to be a priority going forward.”

At the end of 2013, [P2] had 122 LED products on the DLC Qualified Products List. Today, the company has a total of 552 DLC listed products. Fifty-six of those products are retrofit kits, 101 are outdoor luminaires and the remaining 395 are a mixture of indoor and specialty application LED luminaires.

“There is no one-size-fits-all in energy-efficient lighting,” said Price. “Now our customers can choose from over 550 DLC listed LED products from [P2] when they’re planning their next lighting retrofit.”

One hundred and forty-one of [P2]’s DLC listed products are rated at efficacies of 100 lumens per watt or higher, and 15 are rated at 110 lumens per watt or higher.

“Not too long ago, 100 lumens per watt was a dream,” said Price. “Today we can offer over a hundred different products with that level of efficiency.”

[P2]’s DLC listed products can be viewed on the DLC Qualified Products List website. Detailed product and ordering information is available on

About Precision-Paragon [P2]: For over 20 years, [P2] has made high-quality, indoor-and-outdoor light fixtures for a wide range of applications in retail, commercial and industrial spaces. [P2]’s energy-efficient lighting drastically cuts energy consumption, creating big cost savings and significant environmental benefits.

Over the last two decades, [P2] has earned a reputation for going the extra distance in customer support by producing high-quality, American-made products. [P2] products are manufactured in Hudson, Wis. and at the company’s headquarters in Yorba Linda, Calif.


Jolene Kmetz, Marketing Manager - Precision-Paragon [P2]

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