Lighting Industry Association develops modular LIA Certificate program

Dec. 22, 2016
The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) Certificate has a long and respected history. Not only has it prepared thousands of lighting professionals for their career in the industry, but it has also supported those wanting to specialise and advance in a range of different areas.

Ready for 2017 the LIA has completed major investment in revising and re-developing the LIA Certificate to meet the expectations and demands of the rapidly changing lighting industry and widening lighting community. The new modular format LIA Certificate is structured as:

Lighting fundamentals, two days providing a basic grounding in the principles of light and lighting.

Light Sources and Luminaires, a day designed to develop the delegate’s awareness of the types of light sources, including luminaires.

Lighting Design, a further day to develop the delegate’s awareness of lighting design considerations.

The Certificate is completed with a lighting design project on which delegates will be mentored and assessed.

Each module is contained as a course in its own right, and by introducing this structure offers a range of options for delegates. The course can be taken over 5 consecutive days or modules can be taken separately to suit individuals need, availability or experience.

Another positive benefit for the lighting community is the certificate offers the option, for those who may just want to develop their understanding for certain aspects, the choice to just attend the individual module(s) without having to commit to the full Certificate.

Dates for the Certificate course are now scheduled right the way through to July 2017 at the Academy’s dedicated campus in Telford and throughout the UK. On-site courses are also available. Just visit the LIA Website and click Academy for more details and dates.

So there is no better time to develop you skills and understanding of the lighting industry and look towards a bright and exciting future.


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