PACE announces PH 100 low-profile preheater for high-mass LED boards

Sept. 14, 2016
Vass, NC – The PH 100 is a high powered (1600W), non-contact infrared heating system with an ergonomic, low profile design that allows operators to safely pre-heat PCB’s for fast and easy soldering, rework or repair on the highest mass, LED assemblies.
The PH 100’s slim-line, flattened design incorporates a decreased working height that improves comfort and is perfect for use under a microscope. Using an intuitive, 3.5” resistive touch screen display, the PH 100 provides easy adjustment of all operational, temperature and power settings, and allows the operator to change color arrangement and button layout at will. Powered by four robust 400W IR heating elements, the large 300mm x 300mm (11.8” x 11.8”) heating area is protected by an easily cleaned glass-ceramic surface that cannot emit irritating visible light as other IR systems do.
The glass-ceramic surface re-emits heat in a uniform manner, providing fast and even preheating, especially useful on LED assemblies with heat-sinking aluminum substrates. The PH 100 is closed-loop temperature controlled by either an internal sensor or one of two external thermocouples where heater activity is controlled on the PCB top or bottom-side. Front and back heating zones can be independently controlled, or turned off and on separately if you do not need to heat a large surface area.
The PH 100 comes standard with a magnetic PCB holder which is adjustable for height/size and accommodates large assemblies (295mm/11.6” x unlimited) as well as small boards. Other features include: password lock to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent changes; USB port for firmware updates using a USB flash drive; set-temperature range of 20° - 200°C (68° - 392°F); temperature offset adjustment; Advanced and User modes; performance response settings; and more. For additional information, please visit our website at

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