Raytrons Limited develops LED module for stage lighting using Ostar LED source

April 23, 2015
We are pleased to announce that Raytrons Limited has produced the world's highest powered LED module for stage lighting designs, delivering up to 60W of color output in a 16-cm2 footprint.This LED module, equipped with an Ostar 4.5A (60W max.) LED source and our patented MHE®301 PCB technology, provides the highest light output at the lowest LED operation temperature. Within the 16-cm2 footprint, our technologies provide 0.1K/W at the PCB layer, which is about 200 times smaller than that of conventional aluminum based metal core PCB.

This thermal advantage enables a much higher packing density in the stage lighting design, and consequently color richness per lamp and compact-sized fixture design can be achieved at the same time.

About Raytrons Limited
Raytrons, a subsidiary company of Rayben, focusing on LED module development and manufacturing, offers professional quality PCBA and various value-added services to build integrated LED modules since 2012.


Raytrons Limited
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