Luxtech engineers direct AC LED platform with universal input

LUXTECH, the leading American manufacturer of integrated direct AC LED modules, introduces the first and only true universal input direct-AC platform. No LED driver is needed!

LUXTECH's ruggedized, driverless AC LED modules are ideal for high-bay industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and area lighting applications.

LUXTECH direct AC LED modules offer luminaire manufacturers a simple integrated design for 120-277VAC. Eliminating the LED driver means a far smaller form factor, as well as reduced system weight, longer lifetimes and reduced system cost.

Many HID luminaires in the market today are already designed as UL compliant for LUXTECH direct AC LED modules.

According to LUXTECH CEO Sean Darras, “Because we’re a US-based manufacturer focusing on high-quality and speed-to-market, our patent-pending technology is now in the luminaires of major US lighting companies.”

As a US LED supplier, LUXTECH samples lead-time can be as quick as four to six weeks, offering luminaire manufacturers speedy access to a revolution in the LED lighting marketplace.

To learn more about the LUXTECH Industrial ruggedized Direct-AC modules, visit the company website.

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About Luxtech
LUXTECH designs, develops and engineers direct AC LED modules that enable luminaire fixture manufacturers to enter the market or quickly expand their offerings.

LUXTECH, a privately held company, is one of a new breed of manufacturing companies that are part of the Philadelphia Navy Yard innovative technology program.


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