CLD Distribution joins Recolight to encourage lighting recycling

Jan. 19, 2015
Sussex, UK based architectural, commercial and industrial LED lighting manufacturer CLD Distribution has joined Recolight to help encourage customers to dispose responsibly their outgoing incandescent bulbs, tungsten halogen lamps, T8 fluorescent and other discharge lightsources … as they are being replaced by new, more energy efficient and cost saving LED and other lighting schemes.

“We want to make the recycling of old lighting fixtures as straightforward and cost-effective as possible, especially for those who are investing in our Comus range of LED lighting,” explains CLD Chair Nigel Howes.

Recolight was set up by and for the commercial lighting industry to maximize the recycling of all lighting kit relevant to the 2006 WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment) regulations.
It provides a comprehensive recycling infrastructure across the UK for the disposal of outgoing, outdated, dead or defunct lighting and lamp products!
This is completely free of charge! It is accessed via a network of over 2,300 ‘open’ collection points offering quick and simple access to recycling anywhere, anytime for both consumer and business lamp waste.
Under the Recolight scheme, CLD customers can also bring their waste lamps directly to CLD’s HQ in Hastings for safe disposal, if this is more convenient.
The WEEE Regulations have been implemented to help reduce the amount of WEEE going into landfill and generally to increase awareness of the re-use of waste products.
To date, Recolight has funded the recycling of approximately 200 million lamps, in the process preventing nearly 800 Kg of mercury from entering the eco system via landfill.
Nigel points out that about ninety per cent of the waste lamp materials can actually be recycled – something that’s not so well known. “It’s a case of every little helping save the planet, no matter how small or insignificant you might think that your contribution is… it all adds up, and recycling lamps is a good practice to follow”.

As a lighting manufacturer, CLD is genuinely committed to producing cleaner greener and more sustainable technologies - both in terms of the actual lightsources, and also in the production process- for buildings, offices, factories, public spaces and all types of entertainment facilities – from theme parks and museums to multi-purpose venues.

CLD is expanding its own Comus LED lighting range, many of the products are manufactured in the UK and also increasing its distribution of Osram and other premium brand LED. CLD now provides a comprehensive range of LED as well as LED bespoke design, LED technical support and energy assessments.


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