Seoul Viosys wins UV LED patent infringement lawsuit in US court

On June 30, 2016, Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. announced that the U.S. Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida issued a judgment in favor of Seoul Viosys against Salon Supply LLC, a company that sells UV LED curing device (“Salon Supply”). In the judgment, Salon Supply acknowledged infringement of Seoul Viosys’s asserted patents as well as their validity. Salon Supply agreed to pay past damages, as well as a license fee, and to stop using unlicensed infringing products

Seoul Viosys’s asserted patents span a wide range of UV LED technologies including, but not limited to, LED packaging, LED chips and epitaxial layers, and UV curing device structure. Together, these patented technologies cover key components and features of UV LED curing devices.

Seoul Viosys is a world class UV LED maker that is affiliated with Korean LED powerhouse Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. As a pioneer in UV LED technology, Seoul Viosys has established strong patent portfolios spanning numerous fields of UV LED technology for more than 15 years. Since 2001, Seoul Viosys has collaborated with Nitride Semiconductor, a Japanese UV LED manufacturer, as well as Sensor Electronic Technology Inc. (“SETi”), a Deep UV LED pioneer, for development of cutting-edge UV LED technology. Last year, Seoul Viosys acquired a majority investment in SETi, with the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS), and has continued actively expanding and commercializing its UV LED business. In particular, Seoul Viosys’s advanced LED breakthrough - Violeds™ technology – has received industry accolades and has been used as part of the International Space Station as well as MOSCLEAN (highly effective mosquito control solutions).

“We have developed Violeds™ technology, not just for profit, but also to assist with critical health and environmental measures. With our ability to mass produce these life-saving devices at a low cost, we can supply Violeds™ technology and its products to people around the world and try to improve our planet for all of humanity.” said Yeojin Yoon, Vice President of the UV Development Center at Seoul Viosys. “We have invested tremendously to achieve this technology. We will strongly enforce our patents against infringers that do not respect our intellectual property, and we will initiate additional patent infringement lawsuit against such infringers within the next quarter of this year.”

* About Seoul Viosys
Seoul Viosys is a company specializing in UV LED and Blue LED Chip manufacturing, which Officers and employees from Seoul Semiconductor, LED specialist, founded, invested in, and operate. After its establishment in 2002, the company has focused on UV applications and is contributing the expanded providing clean technology of UV LED. Seoul Viosys is continuously committing R&D efforts to develop electronic devices. As of June 2015, Seoul Viosys’ total assets are worth USD 314 million, and the company’s 700 employees are committed to the development and manufacturing of UV LED products.

* Violeds
Violeds is an advanced and clean technology realized by the collaboration of UV LED solution company Seoul Viosys and deep UV leader SETI to provide a clean and safe global environment. Seoul Viosys and SETi have developed world’s first Deep UV LED technology for more than 10 years. Not all LED are Violeds. It is incorrect to think of UVLED as a lighting bulb. The UV LED technology is distinguished from other LEDs in that it is not for lighting that the human eye sees but has properties that affect the nature of physics in polymers, biological both health benefits to humans and disinfection of harmful bacteria. Violeds technology has already applied to the space station and maintained its germ free environment and it is also safe for humans because of no chemicals used for this technology. The technology can be applied to bio-technology equipment and medical diagnosis equipment as well as skin and other medical treatment.


Yang, Chang-keun, PR Team - Seoul Viosys
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