DOE announces selections for product development funding

Oct. 1, 2004
The US Department of Energy has selected 5 projects to receive funding from its Solid State Lighting program to undertake product development activities.
As part of its Solid State Lighting program, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has made awards totaling just under $10 million to five product development projects.

The DOE's solicitation called for small and large businesses with team members from universities and national laboratories to propose ways to examine certain high-priority product development activities.

The five projects have a total value of over $15 million, including a substantial cost share element by the applicant in each case, and include 3 projects relating to LEDs and 2 relating to OLEDs. The projects are:

Philips Electronics North America
$2.61 million (40% applicant cost share) over 36 months
An efficient LED system-in-module for general lighting applications
Philips proposes to develop a technology platform for RGBA (red-green-blue-amber) sources serving as a building block for commercial applications of solid-state lighting.

Dow Corning
$5.02 million (52% applicant cost share) over 36 months
Thin-film packaging solutions for high-efficiency OLED lighting products
Working with Philips, Dow Corning plans to deliver a 2 x 2 foot lighting panel with CRI > 85, efficacy of 85 lm/W and lifetime exceeding 10,000 hours.

General Electric Global Research
$4.1 million (30% applicant cost share) over 36 months
High-efficiency, illumination-quality white OLEDs for lighting
With Dow Chemical, GE plans to develop OLEDs with efficacies of 100 lm/W.

Light Prescriptions Innovators
$1.45 million (40% applicant cost share) over 18 months
Kilolumen solid-state lighting exceeding 100 lm/W via remote phosphor
With partners Osram Opto Semiconductors, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, UC-Merced and Fisk University, LPI proposes a novel approach to white light using a variety of advanced optical techniques.

$2.26 million (27% applicant cost share) over 36 months
Small-area array-based LED luminaire design
Cree's Santa Barbara Technology Center proposes to develop a compact, integrated reflector-type luminaire with high efficiency in the range of 100 lm/W.

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