UK government funds development of OLED lighting

May 24, 2007
A grant awarded by the DTI Technology Programme will support the development of large-area white light-emitting polymers.
Three UK organizations - OLED manufacturer Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), lighting manufacturer Thorn Lighting and the University of Durham – have been awarded funding to develop technology for white light-emitting polymers.

The group has received a grant of GBP1.6 million from the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Technology Programme. The total project cost is GBP3.3 million. The grant will part fund a three-year project to develop solution-processable organic materials and device architectures suitable for large area white lighting applications.

UK, a pioneer in the development of polymer light emitting diode (P-OLED) technology, today announced that in collaboration with and the University of Durham, the Company has been awarded a

Under terms of the grant, CDT through its Sumation joint venture will provide materials, device architecture and testing, modelling, and technical input. The project is aimed at developing materials and devices for solid-state, high efficiency lighting applications based on CDT's patented polymer-OLED technology.

Light emitting polymer (LEP) materials can be solution processed and this offers the potential of low cost manufacturing for large lighting panels. Successful completion of this project will offer novel lighting products with environmental benefits.

"The support of the Technology Programme on this project is greatly appreciated," said David Fyfe, CEO of CDT. "It will allow us to make fast progress in improving our ability to develop inks and device technology, as well as expand the application of our P-OLED technology into the lighting market."