OLED companies to improve thin film encapsulation

Oct. 22, 2007
Sunic System and Novaled will develop new technologies for TFE, a promising technology to hermetically encapsulate organic devices like OLEDs.
Sunic System, a major producer of vacuum deposition equipment for OLED and Novaled, a leading provider of doping technology and materials for organic electronics, have announced a joint development program for Thin Film Encapsulation (TFE) tools, technologies and materials.

The intention is to develop a new generation of deposition tools and organic materials to improve the deposition process and lifetime of TFE.

In this collaboration Novaled will call on its experience in organic structures and skills in organic materials. Sunic System will provide its expert knowledge on both organic and inorganic deposition and encapsulation equipment.

“A new organic material for TFE needs to be developed together with the associated deposition tool”, states Gildas Sorin, CEO of Novaled. “The cooperation with Sunic System will bring to market a turn-key solution enabling customers to rapidly ramp-up to high volumes at reasonable costs.”

“This cooperation enables Sunic System to become a major player for organic TFE and organic flexible devices in the equipment industry. We are delighted to work with a skilled partner like Novaled”, says Hoon Lim, Managing Executive Director of Sunic System.

Thin film encapsulation is a promising technology to hermetically encapsulate organic devices like OLEDs and replace the current glass plates by very thin organic and inorganic multilayers. TFE will allow for flexible and rollable organic products with a thickness in the micrometer range.