GE and TOKKI develop OLED encapsulation technology

March 7, 2007
An agreement between GE Global Research and TOKKI Corporation could serve as the foundation for the future manufacturing of thinner, lower cost OLED flat panel displays.
GE Global Research has teamed with TOKKI Corporation, a leading supplier of OLED manufacturing equipment, to develop PECVD Film Encapsulation technology and equipment for manufacturing organic electronics including OLED flat panel displays.

Encapsulation technology is a critical component for enabling future OLED devices and process technology that are much thinner in design, while still protected from environmental degradation. OLED devices require a high degree of hermetic sealing (encapsulation), since moisture and oxygen can impede the devices' functionality.

The goal of the joint development is to develop and demonstrate production equipment that could serve as the foundation for the future manufacturing of commercial glass-based OLED displays that are both thinner and much lower in cost.

GE Global Research will license its patented PECVD film encapsulation process for use in TOKKI's OLED manufacturing equipment. A primary focus of the project will be to successfully develop and demonstrate pilot line manufacturing equipment that successfully incorporates Global Research’s film encapsulation technology. The ultimate goal is to build manufacturing equipment for OLED displays that can be sold commercially.

"Through our joint partnership, we have a great opportunity to develop new, state-of-the art manufacturing equipment that can produce thinner, more affordable OLED displays on glass substrates," said Anil Duggal, Advanced Technology Program Leader for Organic Electronics, GE Global Research. "A key to this effort will be successfully incorporating the unique encapsulation technology developed at Global Research into the manufacturing process."

"Our success on this project could greatly expand market opportunities for OLED flat panel displays and create new markets in organic electronics," said Kenichi Tsugami, president of Tokki Corporation.