DOE announces funding opportunity for SSL manufacturing

June 28, 2010
Projects are sought that will achieve significant cost reductions in LED manufacturing, to make LED-based lighting more cost-competitive.
The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced an SSL funding opportunity which constitutes round 2 of the R&D program area for US Manufacturing Support. Up to $15 million will be available in total, and between two and eight projects will be funded.

DOE is soliciting SSL manufacturing R&D projects that will achieve significant cost reductions through improvements in manufacturing equipment, processes, or monitoring techniques. Projects should address the technical challenges that must be overcome before prices fall to a level where SSL will become competitive with existing lighting on a first-cost basis.

By advancing these activities, DOE believes it can accelerate progress toward creating a US-led market for high-efficiency light sources.

Recipients of Round 1 funding for US Manufacturing Support were announced in January 2010.

Under new eligibility requirements, foreign companies are allowed to apply as part of a project team. Also, all types of domestic entities – including federal research centers and national laboratories – are eligible to apply.

The Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is open to applications in the following program areas:
• LED Luminaire/Module Manufacturing
• LED Driver Manufacturing
• LED Test and Inspection Equipment
• Tools for Epitaxial Growth of LEDs
• LED Wafer Processing Equipment
• LED Packaging
• LED Phosphor Manufacturing and Application
• OLED Deposition and Patterning Equipment
• Integrated Manufacturing and Quality Control of OLEDs
• OLED Materials Manufacturing
• Back-End OLED Panel Fabrication