DOE selects 14 solid-state lighting projects for funding

March 28, 2009
The selections, with a value of $26M, are the 5th round in a series examining high-priority R&D to advance SSL for general illumination.
The National Energy Technology Laboratory, on behalf of the US Department of Energy (DOE), has selected 14 projects for solid-state lighting (SSL) funding opportunities.

These projects were chosen in response to Round 5 of Core Technology and Product Development Funding Opportunity Announcements. These selections are anticipated to contribute to the goal of the SSL program to develop advanced solid-state lighting technologies that are much more energy efficient, longer lasting, and cost competitive.

These technologies will target a product system efficiency of 50 percent with lighting that accurately reproduces the sunlight spectrum.

All 14 new selections are covered under the Exceptional Circumstances Determination issued by DOE in June 2005. The selections are listed below (subject to negotiation):

7 Core Technology Research Selections
Expected to fill key technology gaps, provide enabling knowledge or data, and represent a significant advancement in the SSL technology base. The total value of selections for Core Technology Research is $10.4 million.

Recipient: Eastman Kodak Company
Title: High Efficiency Colloidal Quantum Dot Phosphors

Recipient: Kaai, Inc.
Title: High Efficiency m-Plane LEDs on Low Defect Density Bulk GaN Substrates

Recipient: QD Vision, Inc.
Title: Quantum Dot Light Enhancement Substrate for OLED Solid-State Lighting
Team Members: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Recipient: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Title: High Efficacy Green LEDs by Polarization Controlled Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Team Members: Kyma Technologies

Recipient: University of Florida
Title: High Efficiency Organic Light Emitting Devices for Lighting
Team Members: Lehigh University

Recipient: University of Florida
Title: Top-Emitting White OLEDs with Ultrahigh Light Extraction Efficiency

Recipient: University of San Diego
Title: Phosphors for Near UV-Emitting LEDs for Efficacious Generation of White Light
Team Members: Osram Sylvania

7 Product Development Selections
Focused on the development or improvement of commercially viable materials, devices, or systems. Technical activities are focused on a targeted market application with fully defined price, efficacy, and other performance parameters necessary for success of the proposed product. The total value of Product Development selections is $15.6 million.

Recipient: Cree, Inc.
Title: SSL Luminaire with Novel Driver Architecture

Recipient: Dupont Displays, Inc.
Title: Solution-Processed Small-Molecule OLED Luminaire for Interior Illumination

Recipient: Eastman Kodak Company
Title: OLED Lighting Panels

Recipient: Osram Sylvania Products, Inc.
Title: Highly Efficient Small Form Factor LED Retrofit Lamp

Recipient: Philips Lighting Electronics North America
Title: High Efficiency Driving Electronics for General Illumination LED Luminaires
Team Members: Philips Research

Recipient: Rohm and Haas Company
Title: High Refractive Index Encapsulants with High Thermal and Photochemical Stabilities for High-Brightness LED Applications

Recipient: Universal Display Corporation
Title: High Efficacy Integrated Undercabinet Phosphorescent OLED Lighting Systems
Team Members: University of Michigan