Roadmapping the LED future at Netherlands conference

Aug. 23, 2008
The International LED Conference & Showcase will feature renowned speakers from the LED manufacturing industry introducing their strategic vision of the LED future.
The 6th International LED Conference & Showcase, on October, 30, 2008, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is an international forum and marketplace for the companies and research institutes active in the field of solid state lighting.

With continuous developments and improvements in technologies, this conference is essential for professionals working in the lighting industry.

Breakthroughs in LED and OLED technology are catalyzing development of energy-efficient solid-state lighting (SSL). Once used only for indicator lights, SSL technology is heading toward a bright future in a variety of commercial markets for general and special lighting applications. For example functional street illumination is one of the major breakthroughs expected in the next two years.

Why solid-state lighting?

Solid-state lighting is more and more used in a variety of lighting applications because it offers many benefits, such as: long life, energy savings, better-quality light output, intrinsically safe, smaller, flexible light fixtures and robustness.


A completely different technology, based on electric conductive polymers, has brought forth the OLED. In contradiction to solid-state LEDs, OLED technology uses layers of organic material (polymers) of different nature and composition through which an electric current will be sent. The resulting effect caused is called “electro-luminescence.”

The applications of OLEDs can be in sheet or film material. OLED, a hybrid technology, can be used to produce displays with advantages of heightened brightness, extreme thinness, faster response time in full motion video, lower weight, greater durability and a lower sensitivity for extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Roadmaps and visions

The international conference program with plenary presentations will feature renowned speakers from the LED manufacturing industry introducing their strategic vision of the LED future and the development of the adopting business markets.

The program focuses on industrial and technical roadmaps of LED manufacturers. Focus areas will be general lighting (white lights), automotive and other markets, indoor lighting, public lighting, small LEDs (semiconductors) and OLEDs

Business managers and research strategists in the light and semicon industry (both OEMs and suppliers) will come to find out about the cutting edge technology trends and the breakthrough industry roadmaps for solid state lighting.


At the accompanying exhibition, visitors will have another opportunity to receive information about the LED industry and get in contact with experts from the field. The showcase will be an international marketplace for the information exchange between developers, manufacturers and users. It could also make a valuable contribution to the transfer of the latest research developments into industrial applications as well as end-user products.