Vitex and Novaled to cooperate on OLED thin-film encapsulation

Aug. 28, 2008
The companies will combine thin-film technology and doping technology and materials to produce high-efficiency OLED products.
Vitex Systems, San Jose, CA, producer of thin film encapsulation technology, and Novaled, known for its organic LED technology, plan to combine advantages of the Vitex Barix thin-film technology with the Novaled doping technology and materials, targeting very thin and high-efficiency long-lifetime OLED products.

OLED technology continues to evolve in the display market in applications from mobile phones to TVs. OLEDs also hold promise in lighting, where it enables innovative design, as well as energy saving from the power-efficient Novaled PIN OLED technology.

The majority of OLEDs are currently processed on glass substrates and encapsulated with glass for protection against air and moisture. The glass represents more than 90% of the device thickness. Vitex has developed an innovative thin-film encapsulation targeting ultra-thin OLED devices.

"Novaled is famous for its highly efficient OLED technology," says Jack Saltich, Vitex CEO. "Vitex Barix thin-film encapsulation not only offers superior encapsulation properties but also enables innovative and ultra-thin product design that conventional technology can not provide."

"Our strategy is to provide complete OLED solutions around our Novaled PIN OLED technology", states Gildas Sorin, Novaled CEO. "The cooperation with Vitex illustrates our company approach. Novaled customers will benefit from the Vitex technology for their advanced design."