Tridonic announces OLED module and LED-based dimmable downlight engine

Nov. 5, 2013
Tridonic has extended both its LED-based modular Stark light engine family and its Lureon Rep OLED product line with higher-efficacy modules for SSL luminaire developers.

Tridonic has announced a rectangular OLED light engine in its Lureon Rep family, adding to the previously announced square modules, with the latest product hitting efficacy of 50 lm/W. The company also announced a new generation of TALEXXengine Stark LED-based modules with a boost in efficacy from 77 to 140 lm/W.

The rectangular OLED module measures 200×50 mm, and is less than 3 mm thick. Like all OLEDs, the panel delivers inherently diffuse light via surface emission. Tridonic targets the OLED module at desk lamps, decorative lighting strips, and pendant luminaires. It is available in dimmable or non-dimmable versions.

While the 50-lm/W system efficacy trails LED-based products considerably, the performance is still better than legacy sources and is suitable for many applications for planar lighting. Moreover, lighting designers are often worried about light quality as much as efficacy in such products. The module comes in what Tridonic calls a neutral 4000K CCT, although the CRI is greater than 90. The company also said color consistency is within a 4-step MacAdam ellipse.

LED downlight module

Solid-state lighting (SSL) product developers working on downlight fixtures, meanwhile, will be able to deliver significantly higher system efficacy with the 140-lm/W TALEXXengine STARK NEW DLE module. Tridonic will offer the modules in a choice of 3000K and 4000K CCTs, CRI greater than 80, and color consistency within a 3-Step MacAdam ellipse.

The modules are 65 mm in diameter and a thin 20 mm in depth, allowing for simpler integration into luminaires. The company said the large light-emitting surface reduces glare, allowing usage in demanding applications such as in conference rooms and educational institutions.

Tridonic offers dimmable and non-dimmable versions of its TALEXXconverter driver family for pairing with the new downlight modules. Product developers can choose from 30W and 35W versions depending on the application. The light engines are available in lumen packages ranging from 1100–3000 lm. The driver module pairs are rated for 50,000 hours and are covered by a five-year warranty.