SIL Europe 2012 Preview #3: Investor Forum to highlight up-and-coming European companies

July 31, 2012
The Investor Forum, taking place at Strategies in Light Europe, will highlight European companies providing technology innovation to the solid-state lighting industry.
For the second year running, Strategies in Light Europe 2012 (Munich, September 18-20) will offer a solid-state lighting (SSL) Investor Forum. This year the Investor Forum, organized by Strategies Unlimited and PennWell with the involvement of ARCH Venture Partners Europe and WHEB Partners, will focus on European LED and LED lighting startups that bring innovative technologies and products to both the European and international markets.

Europe has been at the forefront of adoption of LED lighting, driven by energy efficiency and green initiatives. European LED lighting designs have already earned international recognition, and European lighting research centers as well as leading lighting companies are making significant efforts to advance the technology of SSL. Moreover, the rapid change in lighting technology also opens up opportunities for new companies to develop innovative LED lighting products, and the Investor Forum will offer an opportunity to explore them.

The program for the Investor Forum will begin with an overview of the status of the LED and lighting industries in Europe, presented by Uwe Schupp, director, equity research of Deutsche Bank. Mr. Schupp will provide an outlook for the LED and LED lighting market in Europe, including the growth trends for leading lighting companies and different lighting segments.

Throughout the day presentations from SSL startup companies will take place along with presentations from leading venture capital firms. The startups will present their companies’ unique technology perspectives and business potential to investors and other interested parties. The following categories of companies will be presenting:

Intelligent LED lighting systems

• ISotera, UK (intelligent LED lighting systems)

Lighting applications

• LEDO Technologie GmbH, Germany (designer solutions for LED bulbs)
• LED Linear, Germany (linear LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications)
• OREE, Israel (LED planar devices for indoor lighting)
• Juice Technologies, UK (LED components and indoor lighting applications)

Basic LED and OLED technology

• Azzurro Semiconductors, Germany (gallium nitride-on-silicon technology)
• OLS, GmbH, Germany (OLED technology)

Success story

Nualight of Ireland will give a presentation on how it achieved success as a startup in first the European and then the international market for frozen food display case lighting, and how this led to opportunities to develop other SSL applications. The presentation will be made from the unique perspective of Alex Hanrath, who first funded Nualight as a partner with Climate Change Capital, and then moved to his current position as Vice President Corporate Development at Nualight.

Additional presentations will be made by:

• Joerg Sperling, Partner, WHEB Partners, “The Role of Venture Funds in LED Lighting in Europe”
• Paul Thurk, Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners Europe, “Opportunities for International Investing in SSL”

The Investor Forum will conclude with a panel discussion covering the prospects in Europe for SSL technology innovations, opportunities for lighting startup companies, and availability of funding, as well as the growth potential for the LED lighting industry in Europe.

This event is intended for entrepreneurs, lighting innovators, lighting companies, research managers, investment bankers, venture capital firms, and other investors with an interest in the lighting, energy efficiency and electronics markets in Europe. The full program for the Solid-State Lighting Investor Forum can be found at