European consortium addresses issues for OLEDs in lighting

July 18, 2005
The development of infrastructure for the European OLED lighting industry was discussed at a recent workshop in the UK.
Demand for OLED displays continues to grow at a healthy rate, but others, however, are more interested in the applications of OLEDs in solid-state lighting. In Europe, 24 organizations from 8 countries have joined together to form the Organic LEDs for Lighting Applications (OLLA) project.

Founded in October 2004, OLLA will receive a total of Euro 12 million in funding over the course of its 45-month lifetime. Peter Visser, OLLA project manager, who works for Philips Lighting in Aachen, Germany, says that the purpose of OLLA is "to gather and focus the European expertise in OLEDs to jointly accomplish everything necessary for the light sources of the 21st century."

Further details emerged at a workshop entitled "Building European OLED Infrastructure", which was held in early June in Cambridge, UK.

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