Ningbo Mayyard offers COB LED products with higher efficacy compared to traditional LED packaging

May 1, 2016
From the LED packaging development stage, there have LED discrete and integrated packages. LED packages are traditional discrete devices, widely used in various related fields, after nearly 40 years of development has formed a series of mainstream products form. The COB module belongs to personalized package, mainly for some personalized applications and design and production.

Traditional LED Packaging
Definition - The outer leads are connected to the LED die, to complete the output signals, protect the chip work, the output of visible light, including pins and SMD LED package.
Lamps Composition - LED by the discrete devices -- MCPCB, LED light source module.
Process - Process is complex, such as SMD package it needs to be in SMT reflow soldering.
Heat Dissipation Effect - High Thermal Resistance.
Performance - In common use, can batch production.
Light - Discrete light source device combinations exist points of light, dazzling.
Apply to - Pin package devices are generally used for current, lower consolidation package LED.
Cost - Under traditional packaging process, the LED lamps consume labor intensive and costly.

COB Packaging
Definition - A direct bonding or the die package technology printed PCB board, be bonded, then use organic silicone to protect the gold wire and die encapsulation technology.
Lamps Composition - Directly by the COB module -- LED lamps.
Process - Reduce stent manufacturing process, do not require reflow SMT machines and other equipment.
Heat Dissipation Effect- Advantages to reduce thermal resistance and heat dissipation effect (usually 6-12W / m.k).
Performance - High packing density and higher optical density, substrate copper foil can better electricity.
Light - COB packaged LED lamps emitting surface can be done to reduce the loss of luminosity of light distribution.
Apply to - Mainly used for high power LED chip array package.
Cost - Can reduce around 30% cost, the main cost saving are device packaging and light engine module.

Compared with traditional LED SMD package and high power package, COB packaging multiple chips can be directly encapsulated in a metal base printed circuit board MCPCB. With heat dissipation board, it can reduce the stent's cost of the manufacturing process, also has the advantages of reducing the thermal resistance of the heat.

From the point of cost and application, COB become the mainstream of the future direction of lighting design. COB LED module package is installed in the base many pieces of LED chips, using multiple chips can not only improve the brightness, but also contribute to the rational allocation of LED chip, reducing a single LED chip's input current to ensure high efficiency. And this package to expand the surface light source radiating area to a large extent, make it easier for heat conduction to the housing.


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