RayVio deep UV LEDs show strong disinfection performance in test

July 8, 2016
Independent Lab Study Proves RayVio UV LEDs Kill 99.9999% of Bacteria in Seconds

Hayward, Calif. –- RayVio Corp., an advanced health and hygiene company, has announced study results from efficacy testing of its deep ultraviolet (UV) LED solution for disinfection. The study shows that RayVio’s deep UV LEDs can eliminate bacteria found in hospitals and homes more quickly and to a higher degree than today’'s most common disinfection products, aiding in the fight against hospital acquired infections (HAI).

A single RayVio UV LED killed 99.9999 percent of the bacteria samples of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), listeria and salmonella within 60 seconds. Even faster results or larger scale applications are enabled by using multiple UV LEDs.

Researchers irradiated samples of bacteria with RayVio’s deep UV LED emission wavelength of 285 nanometers at a 10 millimeter distance. They measured the change in bacteria population after time intervals between 5, and 80 seconds. 99.99% bacteria were killed in 5 seconds and 99.9999% killed within 60 seconds. The study was conducted at AEMTEK, a third party laboratory accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), which is recognized by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Full test report can be downloaded at www.rayvio.com.

“Recent outbreaks in hospital infections, including the rise of superbugs, underscore the critical need for improved disinfection solutions,” said Dr. Yitao Liao, RayVio'’s Chief Innovation Officer. “The study proves that RayVio’s technology disinfects thoroughly and at record speed, which highlights the important role it can play in preventing illness around the world.”

The results demonstrate that exposure to ultraviolet LED radiation effectively deactivates bacteria significantly faster and more completely than today’s disinfection solutions. Hospitals often use chemical disinfectants that require several minutes to safely kill bacteria such as MRSA and salmonella. Common alcohol hand sanitizers take a minute or more for full effect and still only achieve 99.99% disinfection. Long exposure times increase risk of human error and incomplete disinfection.

Although conventional UV light sources such as mercury lamps can disinfect, they are bulky, fragile and contain mercury, a restricted hazardous material. RayVio'’s technology – with the most power per square millimeter of any deep UV LED – is portable and compact and can be integrated into a range of applications to disinfect catheters, physicians’ mobile devices, door handles and much more.

About RayVio Corp.
RayVio Corp. is an advanced health and hygiene company that delivers clean water and environments. RayVio helps protect billions from germs and creates new markets and revenue streams by enabling a new class of products. Its powerful and efficient UV LED technology can be integrated into a variety of applications, powering versatile on-demand solutions that give consumers control over health without chemicals or costly consumables.


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