SunLED's NanoPoint-0201 SMD packaged LED is compact for space-constrained applications

March 2, 2016
As new product designs become smaller and more compact, the need for smaller components has become more prevalent. We have seen the optoelectronics industry go from a 1206 sized packaged LED down to an 0402 size where footprint reduction technology has come to a halt for the past many years. SunLED is excited to make this remarkably unprecedented, groundbreaking announcement of the world's smallest packaged LED - the 0201 LED.

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With a footprint of 0.65mm x 0.35mm at a mere 0.20mm height, this new 0201 packaged LED offers over 50% size reduction compared to an 0402, shattering all restraints tying down product designs. A full spectrum of colors is readily available providing a brilliant output for the miniscule size of the 0201 LED, making this product a versatile solution for any design.

Product Features
• World’s smallest LED – 0201 footprint
• Dimensions: 0.65x0.35x0.20mm (LxWxH)
• Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL): 2
• DFN Style Package – Dual Flat No-Leads
• High brightness output at 10mA operation

Production Applications
• Membrane Switches
• Consumer Electronics
• Medical & Healthcare
• Mobile Devices & Hand Held Products
• Fitness Wearables
• Instrumentation
• Power Management Systems


SunLED Company, LLC