Seoul Viosys acquisition of SETi approved by US DoD to expand UV LED market

March 28, 2016
- Continued equity investment in U.S. SETi, the company that developed the world’s first short-wavelength ultraviolet and has the source technology for electronic devices (RF), since 2005
- Seoul Viosys has been persuading officials at the ITAR and CFIUS to acquisition SETi over the past three years
- Established Seoul Viosys based on the proposal for technical cooperation by NS, the Japanese corporation that developed the world’s first long-wavelength ultraviolet in 2001

Seoul Viosys (Representative: Jae-jo Kim), the global UV LED solution provider, announced that they recently secured the executive management share of SETi (Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.), the professional short-wavelength ultraviolet LED company in the U.S., and decided to expand the current facility of SETi threefold for the extended business of UV LED until the end of next year at the board of directors meeting through closed consultations with existing executives of SETi.

Starting from the equity investment in SETi (Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.), the professional short-wavelength UV LED (350 nm ~ 250 nm) company in the U.S., since 2005, Seoul Viosys has maintained the close technical cooperation with SETi for more than 10 years to develop and commercialize UV LED chips with wavelengths below 350-nanometers.

Since SETi’s UV LED chip patents are critical components in the aerospace and defense inudstries, Seoul Viosys had to pass Ministry International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR) and to get approval from the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
For the past 3 years, Seoul Viosys has persistently persuaded the U.S. Department of Defense and the Committee on Foreign Investments of the U.S. and made many efforts to obtain the approval, and as a result, successfully took over the share and secured the executive management rights of SETi.

Seoul Viosys was established in 2002 based on the proposal made by Nitride Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (NS), the Japanese venture company to Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in 2001 for the technical cooperation and joint development of long-wavelength UV LED (360 nm ~ 400 nm). It is the world’s first and only company specializing in UV LED and has the source technology for UV LED that is applied to bio, hardening, forgery detection, medical appliances, and sterilization, and the company has produced from circuit (Epi) to chip, package, and module covering the entire wavelength range of UV and provided the UV system solution as well.

“With all original patents and the mass-production system required for the development and manufacture of UV LED, Seoul Viosys will continuously develop UV LED technologies to contribute to the improvement of technical competitiveness and industrial development in Korea and take the lead for energy conservation and environmental protection through the expansion of distribution of UV LED over the world,” said Jae-jo Kim, the representative of Seoul Viosys, “The source technology of short-wavelength UVC and RF we recently secured by obtaining the approval of U.S. Department of Defense is the future technology essential for space industry and defense industry, and Seoul Viosys will expand this business globally based on related patents and mass-production technology.”


Yang, Chang-keun - Seoul Viosys PR Team