Everlight Electronics adds updated Shwo F-ELB packaged LED series to existing high-power LED lineup

March 22, 2016
Shulin, New Taipei City – Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. (TSE:2393), a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, announces the Shwo F-ELB high power packaged LED series, the latest and most powerful update to the existing high power and bright "Shwo" LED Series. Shwo F-ELB features Flip Chip technology to enable better overdrive conditions while maintaining high efficiency.

Everlight's Shwo F-ELB packaged LED series is a high-power SMD device featuring high lumen density in a compact size and is suitable for all kinds of lighting applications including general illumination, flash, spot, signal, industrial and commercial lighting.

Everlight's Shwo F-ELB devices can be driven at 1.0 Watt with a standard operating current of 350 mA or up to 5W with a standard operating current of 1500mA. The luminous flux of the 1.0W Shwo F-ELB is up to 165lm (152lm/W) at 6500K CCT or 130lm (120lm/W) at 3000K CCT when driven at 350mA of current. At 1500mA, the Shwo F-ELB can achieve 545lm at 6500K CCT or 430 lm at 3000K CCT.

This high power SMD device is offered in a compact ceramic package (3.5x3.5x2.36mm). The thermal pad of this device is electrically isolated, providing convenience in thermal and electrical design. The Shwo F-ELB series also has the advantage of a low thermal resistance of less than 5?C/W for optimized heat management.

These newest Shwo F-ELB packaged LED devices are currently available for sampling and mass production.

“Shwo" is the English translation for the Chinese word meaning "Twinkle" and is often used as a description of stars or other bright, celestial objects as seen from Earth. This word is a relevant description for this bright, compact Everlight LED package. Preferred applications include general illumination, flash, spot, signal, industrial and commercial lighting.

Everlight promotes close working relationships between our R&D, Sales and Marketing teams to better meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in both product offering and technology perspectives. The Shwo F-ELB LED series and its many technical features are a result of fostering a closer relationship between these teams.

Sample Available: Yes. (Upon request)
Mass Production: now (Q1/2016)

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