Toyoda Gosei develops glass-encapsulated UV LED

March 22, 2016

Kiyosu, Japan: Toyoda Gosei has developed a new glass-encapsulated ultraviolet (UV) LED product with a fully sealed structure.

Toyoda Gosei applied our existing glass-sealed package technology to UV LEDs in this new product and completely sealed the LED die glass to minimize the impact of gas penetration and moisture on the die. This UV LED package can maintain high reliability in many different environments—high temperatures up to 100°C and high temperature and humidity environments (85°C and 85% humidity).*

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* Toyoda Gosei conducted a testing (JEITA-ED-4701) according to the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association standard.

For the UV LED die used in the product, we applied the gallium nitride crystal growth technology that we licensed during the development of blue LEDs, and raised the light output per LED die by improving the crystal structure.

Toyoda Gosei also used flip chip technology to directly connect the UV LED die to the substrate to reduce the size, and achieved light output per unit area for 200 mW/mm2. Samples for use in curing light sources for resins, ink, and adhesives will be available in April.

Product Summary

1. Product name: TG GLASS-UV

2. Size (mm): 2.0 × 2.0 × 0.95

3. Wavelength/light output (if 500mA):

• 385 nm/800 mW

• 395 nm/840 mW

• 405 nm/880 mW

4. Samples available From April 2016

5. Main uses (supposed):

• Curing of resins

• Printing machines (ink curing)

• Adhesive curing


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