Edison Opto introduces LED flash ES03 with 320-lm brightness

Feb. 4, 2015
With the increasing demand for smartphones, the market request for mobile phone pixels has been rising. To provide the best photography effects for customers, mobile phone manufacturers require upgraded specifications for phone flash devices. At present, the brightness range of fash LEDs is between 180~280lm, with each smartphone using 1-2 LED pieces. Benefitting from the booming smartphone market, the volume of flash LEDis in production has continued to grow.

Aiming for this business opportunity, the Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer Edison Opto has invested in the R&D and production of flash LEDs and introduced the industry’s brightest flash ES03, which breaks through the technology threshold to obtain an exclusive phosphor film patent. The package size of flash ES03 is 2.0x1.6mm (2016), which is the mainstream size in the flash LED market. Flash ES03 gives off high brightness (320 lm, which is driven by 1A) within an ultra small emitting area (only 1.1x1.1mm). Compared with the traditional spray coating process, phosphor film features high color uniformity and can achieve optimum brightness performance with its optical design (the efficiency is higher than spray process by 10%). Furthermore, the small package dimensions make the design more flexible, especially suitable for closely packed LED array modules. In the aspect of color temperature control, the CCT range of ES03 is much narrower than those produced with the spray process, which demonstrates that Edison Opto can control the color consistency effectively and provide stable quality products.

Flash ES03 has been introduced into the mobile phone flash market and successfully entered the supply chain of leading cell phone manufacturers. Flash ES03 can also be applied in automotive lighting and medical applications (such as endoscopy). In addition to the white ES03, Edison Opto has also launched as full-color Flash LED product which can be widely used in warning lights, stage lights, mood lighting, and decorative lighting.


Edison Opto Corporation

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