Citizen Electronics to exhibit packaged LEDs with high luminous efficacy at LightFair

April 27, 2015
- Providing a lineup of 207 packaged LEDs in total that can be used in applications from bulbs to stadium lighting.
Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. President: Yoshihiro Gohta) has developed packaged LEDs for lighting (207 models in total), ‘COB *1 Series, Version 4,’ that provide the world’s highest level of luminous efficacy. The products will be exhibited during the ‘LightFair International 2015’ tradeshow in New York, USA from May 5, 2015.

"LED packages for lighting, ‘COB Series, Version 4’"

Packaged LED series: 5 series and 13 types (207 models in total including color variations)
Luminous flux: 24 lm to 57,463 lm (0.1 W to 526 W)
Applications: LED bulbs, downlights, streetlights, floodlights, stadium lighting, etc.
Mass production is scheduled to start in May 2015

- Background and advantages of development
Citizen Electronics developed packaged LEDs for lighting, ‘COB Series, Version 1,’ in 2011 and has introduced upgraded products into the market as the COB Series thereafter. We are releasing ‘COB Series, Version 4’ in which performances such as luminous efficacy and luminous flux have been increased by up to 15 % through reselection and improvement of materials such as dies.

As LED lighting has penetrated the market, there is a wide variety of customer demand for not only brightness and luminous efficacy, but ‘quality of light,’ in order to enable an illuminated object to look more beautiful. The developed products, Version 4, meet these diversified demands through significant expansion of the lineup including 13 types and 207 models.

-Main features:
1. Luminous efficacy and luminous flux have been improved by a maximum of 15 % over that of the current model and the world’s highest level of luminous efficacy has been achieved.
Luminous efficacy and luminous flux have been improved by a maximum of 15 % over those of the current model through enhancement of light extraction efficiency and heat dissipation with reselection and improvement of materials such as dies. The developed products have achieved the world’s highest level of luminous efficacy in COB-type high-wattage LEDs and contribute to energy conservation for luminaires.

2. Lineup of 207 models in total.
As not only has brightness been focused on but the need for quality of light such as improved color rendering has increased in recent years, Citizen Electronics has expanded the lineup of the ultra-high color rendering type (Ra 97 typ.) and the preferable color type (below B.B.L.). Moreover, a color variation of 6,500K has been added to the standard type (Ra 80 min.) and 207 models in total are being released at the same time. These models meet the diversified demand of customers.

3. Brightness has increased by up to 50% through expansion of the driving power range.
Larger current can be applied to one LED package than that of the current model due to enhancement of heat dissipation with improvement of the package. Expansion of the range of driving power has expanded the range of luminous flux and increased brightness by up to 50 %.

4. High-heat dissipation structure and uniform-light-emitting area.
Citizen Electronics has adopted the Chip on Aluminum technique (patented by Citizen Electronics), which is a high-heat dissipation technique where LED dies are directly mounted on an aluminum board. LED dies are placed to generate uniform light in the light emitting area considering optimization of the light distribution design of luminaires. As the new products are compliant with the chromaticity control standard “3-Step MacAdam ellipses” which is about a ninth of the chromaticity range of ANSI C78.377, chromaticity variations in LEDs are rarely noticed (excluding the Ra 70 min. type).

5. Selection of packaged LEDs is simplified through use of a selector tool.
In order to support luminaire makers to select the desired LED, Citizen Electronics provides a product selector tool (software tool) on its website. By entering desired conditions such as the amount of luminous flux, it is possible to narrow down the selection of appropriate types of LEDs.
Regional contacts:
Europe: Lennard Kaehler, +49-69-2992-4823
South China & Hong Kong: Christina Lo, +852-2793-0613
East China: Qian Cheng hao, +86-21-6295-5510
South East Asia / India: Fujisawa Taro, +852-2793-0613


Dave Lomas - Citizen Electronics, North America